Is it safe now ???

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Jun 1, 2007
I read a review by the Ribguy, that his old MasterBuilt had a tendency to ignite whenever he opened the door, meaning almost catching fire. All of this was the case before MasterBuilt did a recall on the units (Masterbuilt Electric Smoker). Please! Does anyone know if this problem was rectified after the recall and the new unit was put on the market?

Here is the reviewers statement on Masterbuilt smoker, and a link to his review:

But there is a dangerous downside to not having more airflow controlled by dampers. If you open the door during a cooking session, wood that hasn't burned thoroughly can burst into flames when oxygen hits it! Slamming the door will extinguish the flames, but it made me very uncomfortable knowing there was a live fire inside the box and not knowing how long it would last or if it would melt something or ruin my meat. For this reason, I recommend using wood chunks rather than chips or pellets. A chunk will flame out faster. And open the door slooooowwwwwly. This is the reason for the recall.

I would NOT recommend buying a Masterbuilt electric smoker unless you have seen it first. The 2006 model was poorly constructed, prone to bursting into flames, and subject to a recall. If I get my hands on a 2007 unit I will post my review here and announce it.

End of review-

Here is the link to that review - Scroll down to the eight review:

Thank you
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