is a fattie made from burger a fatty, or meatloaf?

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by tasunkawitko, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. tasunkawitko

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    i'm sure it's been done before, but i am thinking of seasoning a couple of pounds of burger, laying out some filling and cheese on it, rolling it, sealing it then smoking it in my ECB. would this be a "burger fatty" or simply meatloaf, or is a fatty a fatty a fatty by any name?

    in any case, does anyone have suggestions for a first-timer? temperatures? length of time in smoker? internal temperature? seasoning or fillings to use or avoid? cheese OK?

    thanks in advance!

  2. bbqgoddess

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    Its a fattie if its rolled up and twisted not just an oval lump o' meat.
    Internal temp 160 for beef I do 165 for pork sausage.
    WHAT cheese inside?? I think that cheese is probably the most widely used ingredient. I don't suggest putting anything your allergic to inside one other than that the sky's the limit!
    Happy first fattie..don't forget the Q-VUE
  3. tasunkawitko

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    thanks, goddess! i'll give it a go today or tomorrow; will post a log (no pun intended) of the process and also photos at and then copy them as a reply to this post!
  4. nick

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    I love making them with ground chuck. Stuff 'em with whatever ya want. Along with cheeses and veggies, lots of people also add another meat IN the stuffing. Like the Goddess said, the sky's the limit!
  5. cinnamonkc

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  6. white cloud

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    But then again some just prefer an oval hunk o meat with no frills. It's all good.

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