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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by trsjr, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. trsjr

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    Hey every body.

    T.R. Sloan here from upstate SC. I have been following since somewhere around the year 2000 (and three smokers).

    My current model is a vertical propane unit which is no longer in production but serves my needs well.

    Have always wanted to tackle a brisket, but it's very difficult to find in my area (except for corned beef style). Managed to find a nice looking 2# cut the other day which will be just right for my wife and I.

    Here's my question:

    Since this is obviously a much smaller cut than a normal brisket, can anybody give me an idea of an approximate length of time to finish this thing off following the normal recipe?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Hey Im from SC too.

    I have never cooked brisket, but I have cooked that fatty mass hanging from the near breast of a steer. Generally they are 15 to 19 lb untrimmed. Post a pic of the cut so we can see if it's a flat or part of a point.

    Look into the SC bash coming up in April. I will be there. If i can get the wifey to go visit the inlaws....... I can wander the grounds or just camp beside the beer trailer.
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    Hey I just cooked 2 smaller cuts kind of like you described.

    I would throw time out the window and go by the internal temp

    I smoked mine at 220    Put it in at around 7a.m   pulled at internal temp of 162 put some beef broth in bottom of pan and wrapped foil around it and returned to smoker...   about 6:50 PM it hit internal temp of 196 I pulled it kept it in the foil wrap and all so wrapped it in a towel and let it sit for 45 mins to an hour before I ate it.

    Here is the link to the ones I smoked

    Just remember every cut of meat is different and go by the internal temp. But hopefully this gives you some sort of an idea.

    Have you asked the meat counter if they have the brisket If they are cutting 2lbers my guess is they could set one aside for you if you wanted a bigger one.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  4. trsjr

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    Thanks Four20,

    I took a pic, unfortunately you can't see much as I had already put rub on it. It looked like the flat portion, only minature in size. It's sitting on an 8" pie plate. It was rectangular with a 1/4" fat cap on top and muscle grain on bottom. Probably 2" thick. Where is the SC bash? I'm all about beer trailers!  
  5. trsjr

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    Thanks ZachD.

    I was planning to go by temp, just trying to get a rough estimate on when to start so it would be ready for dinner. Your info certainly helps, I do appreciate the tips.

    I'm going to start tommorow am and  have a couple of steaks and a chicken in there too for a back up plan. Either way, we'll be set for the weekend!

    Our meat counters around here leave something to be desired, but I could probably get one to order a full brisket for me. This cut was pre-packaged by Black Canyon (I think). Supposedly Angus Beef. Usually don't buy meat that way but just saw it and had been wanting to try a brisket so I figured why not? If I ruin it, I'm only out eight bucks.

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