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Meat Mopper
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Nov 21, 2006
Has any one figured what to use to insulate a homebuilt unit.At the work place we are building some outdoor wood burners for a customer and those just use fiberglas without paper.But I read somewhere that in time the fiberglass breaks down.I am going to start forming metal on saturday wonder if any one had any other suggestions?Thanks
I assume that your making this yourself and what size are you going to make it and shape of it . secondary firer box or single standing unit. single standing unit you can use a double wall construction and will not use as much fuel as a single wall. and wouldn't use any type of insulation other than concrete block, but you might want to use concrete construction wall board in between the double walls.The only thing then would be that the weight would be a factor.I hope this has helped but there are more people and ideas out there to choose.
Mike,I am thinking that the unit will be somewhere around 40" wide by 30" deep and 48"tall.It is going to be a Electric or lp burner to start with but I am putting in provision that if in the future I want to change it will be a minor deal to make it a wood burner.I was given some material by the owner of the company that I work for and am going to let the material sizes dictate where it ends up.The material is 14ga.p/o steel.when done I will have the outside powder coated.I havent decided but I am leaning toward a pitched roof or what I call a hip which is a pitched with a flat across the top.My main reason to build this unit is I want to be able to smoke whole salmon.I also wanted something insulated as while this winter has been very mild , last winter my GOSM unit had a hard time staying at temp when the cold weather set in.My plans are to put vents,pipe nipples,thru holes ,etc so that when I want to use a different heat/smoke source that it is just a matter of bolting or unbolting components and not having to cut a bunch of holes after it is built.
excellent Coz its great making things from scrap metal. first have you gotten your racks yet cause your going to want to fit the size of the box to the rack,unless you already done that? I still like the concrete wall board and it comes in 24"x36"sheets sizes. I'm going to use them in the rear wall behind the oven and the deep fry and cover it with stainless steel as a fire wall in the van. Its $9.00 a sheet at menards. just a thought Coz
Chris its hard and cant be flexed but thier maybe something that can be used. My brother is in home construction repair and may have an idea.

Chris I just talk to my brother and he said to cut another 55gal drum into section and weld them onto your chamber for a double wall and put insultion in between or you can search the web for a fireproof blanket to warp it in.
I wll just make the racks to fit the unit when its done.As I was going thru the sheet metal when I unloaded it I dont think that any one knew what was on the skid.There is sheets as big as 44x52 inches and there was 10 of them so tend to think we had a shear operator who had a bad nite and hid the results under some scrap.Told the boss and he said not to worry.Most likely 8-10 sheets worth of material all told.I guess I wont have to buy material to build my corn stove either.My racks will most likely be made from stainless tube for a frame and stainless rod for the crossbars.I can weld most anything from the comfort of my garage.
I take it your an iron worker
hats off to you. heavy work. The company I drive for is out of Waterloo,Wi haul mail from Omaha to bronx Ny . But only go as far as South Bend,In That where I'm at tonight. super 8 it. leave here at 11:00pm back to home.
Thats funny,the company I work for is less than 40 miles from Waterloo.We do job shop sheet metal.About 170 employees.Eveything from wood stoves to parts for construction equipement.Welder by trade.Ornamental iron garden junk is a hobby and aluminum welding for the local racecar guys has allowed me to have some nice welding machines at home.I just hope to get this thing made mostly right the first time as I hate doing things after having them powder coated. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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