insulated smokers.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by stircrazy, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. For thoes of you that have insulated smokers, I have a question or two.

    I know that the insulation will let you smoke in colder temps, but how does it work when it is hot out? ie. can you do sausage when it is 100 degrees out. or will it not be able to get the smoke going?

    the second question is do you feel there is enough insulation on the MES? and for thoes that have them have you seen what they use for insulation?

  2. ronp

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    I think there is enough however, I have not seen it.
  3. walle

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    Just got mine insulated, so have not had the opportunity to try it warm weather, HOWEVER...

    I'm guessing NO. If anything, your smoker would be more efficient, therefore it should trap and retain MORE heat. I know last summer, my smoker would be well over a 100* just sitting in the sun.

    I got my un-insulated smoker to almost 60* this late winter with outside temps in the low 40's just using my smoke gun ~ 4 briquets + chips.

    Might want to look into a smoke generator, or just us a couple briquets and chips. ?? Not familiar with a MES.

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