insulated GOSM smoker

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Mar 22, 2006
I got this idea from a thread I seen by q3131a ( Mike ) and I thought this should work. I went to H.D. and got a 4x8x1 sheet of foil backed insulation for $14.00. Measured it all out , cut it to size ,cut out the vent holes and used foil tape on all the edges, and screwed it to the smoker. The top vent I used a 6" coffee can cut down to 1 1/2" and used it as a chimney to keep the hot exhaust away the insulation.
I preheated the smoker to 300 deg. for about 10 minutes and it seemed to hold up. I smoked 15 lbs of venison sticks that day for my first test. Outside temps started out at 30 deg. and a little wind . I had the main burner on low and the cylinder valve just cracked a little to keep the temps at 130 deg..For the next 6 hrs the smoker performed great and used very little propane for heat. I must say for the first test it worked great.
p.s. Now I need colder weather for a real test

Thanks q3131a ( Mike ) for the idea !!











Has anybody else tried this mod? It sure sounds like it makes sense. We are in sunny wonderful Grand Rapids Michigan and it's 22 degrees today. Would love to know if this mod has really worked in the colder extremes. About to go to Lowes and try this but need to know more. Do you take it off in the summer? If so, what about the screw holes?

I have ran mine in zero degree weather here in Iowa with some windchill on top of that with no problems. did you run into problems getting your temps right? just curious
just trying to save a little gas over the very long winter here. Where in Iowa are you? I've spent a lot of time in Des Moines, Fort Madison and Soux City, know it gets mighty cold in the winter. Have not really had any problems but thought insulation might make the tank last longer.
Kenny, how much improvement did you notice in windy conditions. I have a hard time in wind more than cold. If I could just do this Mod and stop building wind barricades around the smoker I would be happy man.
Ballagh, Back in the '80s, I spent a long cold winter in Des Moines. So cold that your contact lenses would freeze in your eyes. worked at Firestone.
Bud's BBQ - the answser to the screw holes is that you could plug them with High Temp Silicne ( get it at car supply stores ) and in the winter you could peel it off and reinstall your insulation . I found it holds in heat very well .
UltaMag - the times that I smoked this winter the wind wasn't a factor , so I can't say one way or the other on that .
Ballagh I found I could turn down my temp control and save on propane , ( with no or a little wind ) it holds in heat really good .
Kennymn, thanks for the info on plugging the holes. For now, I'm just buildiing an enclosure the the GOSM. I'll post some pictures later.

Kenny, I wonder if you thought about going this route when you attached the insulation to your GOSM. . .BTW this is from another thread here in the Propane section. I've even though about using some heavy duty snaps and pop rivets, but I don't think insultation would hold up to the rivets with out tearing out. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.