Instead of digging a firehole in my yard, could one use....

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Apr 13, 2007
Beautiful East Texas pineywoods !
one of those el cheapo charcoal grills to set your dutch oven into. You could put briquets under and over then shut the lid to wind-proof it. Whaddya think ??..

I think that may work, althought I see no need to do so. If you give that a try you will have to pay attension to the cook time, I would think it would get hotter, there for cook faster. Just my 2 cents
That should work.

I was thinking of sticking it on the first shelf of my ECB. Maybe without the water pan. A double dutch oven - sort of.
I agree with Cajun 1, a dutch oven table is a wonderful thing. Mine has enough room for three #12 ovens with removable wind breaks and they are very easy to clean.
Harold, I have a Volcano Cooker that my 12 in DO fits inside and I have a Dutch Cap that fits on top of the Volcano. The whole set up ran me about $120. It works pretty much like the set up you suggest, but your set up is probably a whole lot cheaper. Keep in mind that you need a venting system to keep the briquettes from dying out.
caj-that's one of the tables that I use but mine didn't come with the wind screen. I've got a MONSTER table that I built when I was doing DO Cook-offs. The thing doubles as a hand truck for hauling all the gear thats needed for the compitition.
you are right....Venting for the air to the coals is key!... if you dig a pit to set your DO into, the bottom coals will choke out every if there is any moisture (in the ground) it further compounds the problem... best bet, from my experience, is to block the breeze from up to 3 sides. On the dry ground or on a cooking table, it doesn't matter (although the table is alot easier on the ole' back)....either method works just as good as the other... and if you must put a cover over your DO, for rain, snow, etc... just make shure you leave ample space for air flow for the top coals.
Clear as Mud?...
Depending on what you have or want, just about anything could do. If you already had a grill you could use that, although I would guess that a wind break from the sides would be better than a whole cover or lid on the grill. A roll of metal flashing is easy to work with if you wanted to make a ring type wall around the edge of a grill for a wind break.

I like the looks of some of those tables, but I do have to worry about their stability especially around a clutz like me and or a bunch of rambunctious kids or drunk adults. I like the Idea of Dutch building a custom table that works as a cart too, I would like to see some pics for more ideas.

I keep saying that I am gonna do up some game hens some day soon, but them little suckers are almost $4 each round here!
In a pinch, I have put some patio blocks up on the picnick table and covered them with aluminum foil. Then place my brickets on that and then my DO. Works fine, table top still looks like it should!
I bought an El Cheapo BBQ pit at Wal Mart , cost me $33.00 , works like a hot damm and is much much cheaper than the Camp pro table. It helps keep little kids from picking up a hot coal.......Don't ask!

This was a very windy day

It keeps everything up off the ground far easier on your back everything is easy to see and check on. The Dutch Oven even the 16" deep lodge fits right inside out of the wind. Your temperatures stay really consistant with no danger of any coals blowing sparks around. We use it while camping when there is a campfire ban.

This is the 12 inch Lodge Oven with a Loaf of bread inside. No way I could have baked bread on this very windy day with out my Red Oven holder. Winds out of the north at 20mph.
I put my D.O.s in a metal oil drain pan.

For wind, I have a set of 24" x24" aluminum panels that I hold together with riveted piano hinges. Put those around the D.O. and I can cook in a gale. Well, I've not had problems cooking at tailgates during the winter at Candlestick Park!

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Here are 2 tables I built for my DO cooking.  The large one will hold up to 5 12" DO's which is made from angle iron and a 16 gauge sheet steel.  I am using 18" galvanized pipe for the legs which screw into floor flanges mounted on the bottom of the tables.  The smaller of the tables is made from a aluminum baking sheet from a bakery and it goes in my RV when traveling.

You can get the camp chief propane stove (burners) single--double--or triple burners and then you don't have to worry about the wind unless there is gale force winds and then they do come with wind screens.  The height also saves the back and it's easy to get to your DO.   You can buy a hard mettle top or the soft chimney that fits around and over the top of your DO so you get heat all they way around and on top   They are great in any kind of weather ---  we have used ours a lot hunting even when there is a fire restriction they are classified okay
Buy a regular firepit that u find in Home Depot, WalMart, etc. (cost around $40.00-$60.00) , usually w/a screen that goes on top and has legs to keep it off the ground. Also most have a hole(s) in bottom to wash out ashes. Hole/vents in side for air flow.

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