Inkbird Vac sealer . Buyer / Owner Beware .

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I just saw Inkbirds reply to this. I copied it below. For what it's worth.

Thanks for the heads up, we have responded and contacted the publisher as soon as the problem thread came out and the issue has been resolved. Pls feel free to contact us if have any problems with the vacuum in your daily use and we will solve it 100%.Thank you!
I bought this back when they first ran them on sale . I think it was $34.00 or something close . I know a lot of us bought them . I got it as a backup . Never used it much , maybe a couple dozen seals on it .

Last time I used it , I was in the middle of what I was doing . Had sealed a couple bags , and it was sitting with the lid open . I was getting some stuff ready , and I smelled hot electronics . Then the sealer pump started running .
Reached over and closed the lid and it stopped . I could feel it was hot , so I knew the sealer strip was running .
Pump going on and off on it's own , and the strip was full on . So I unplugged it and set it to the side .

2 days ago I decided to try it again , same thing .
Took it down to the shop and took it apart . I was thinking a burnt relay or PCB . Just wanted to know what it was before I tossed it in the trash .
This is the one I have ,
View attachment 687516
Opened up the bottom and didn't see anything at first .
View attachment 687511
Then I noticed where the wire harness comes through the body , on both sides .
View attachment 687512
Other side .
View attachment 687513
Actually broke it two .
View attachment 687514
View attachment 687515
You can see where it's getting pinched on the body . Opening and closing it adds to it , and pushing down to latch it really effects it .
Like I said , maybe 2 dozen seals , then a hard fail . If you were using this , and had to walk away for some reason and this happens , I could see a bigger problem . Lucky I was standing there .
Just an FYI if you own one .
Hello everyone,
Thank you for your attention to inkbird's product, we realized that this might be a defective product after we saw this thread, and immediately contacted the publisher for a replacement and replied to the thread in the first place #67.(We're not always on this forum, but will respond the first time we see it!)
At the same time, , we contacted our engineers to disassemble the machine, there is a lot of room for the wire harness inside the machine and it does not compress and cut the wire harness, you can see this in the photos.It is unavoidable that there may be a defective degree of 5% in all products
In addition, the vacuum sealer is ETL-certified for safety in use.Your safety is our primary policy.
Please contact inkbird's official account([email protected]) at first when you have any issue during use, we will take care of any problem for you at the first time we see it and fix it 100%.
Thank you all for your time.
Best Regards.

Both rows of wires are pre-spaced.



Both side wires leave a lot of room from the cover.


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