Indian Pork Stew

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  1. Best way to make it is over a open fire

    Indian Pork Stew
    My Son calls this Thanksgiving in a bowl. My Mom used to make this for us on a campfire. Yummy. This is an easy recipe to make

    1 Large Pork Roast about 5-6 lbs
    3 Large Onions
    7 ribs of celery
    6 Carrots
    Diced Garlic ( Lots if it )
    1 Pack of Beef Liver ( Finely Diced )
    3 Fresh Pigs Feet
    Crushed red pepper seeds
    Powdered Sage
    1/2 cup cornmeal
    1 Loaf of Bread, French of Italian

    In a huge pot cover the pork ,pigs feet  and diced liver with water and put on a low boil for 1 hour and 10 mins. Take out the meat and shred, take all the meat off the feet and put all the meat back in. Discard the bones Chop onion, carrot and celery and add in. Add plenty of diced garlic and pepper seeds to your taste, I like alot. The longer this cook it the better it is. I usually cook it for 4-6 hrs, But you can have it done in a couple hrs. Add water and stir whenever needed because it will scorch. When it is about half done add sage to taste and pour in the cornmeal. I like alot of sage, you may like just a little. Now tear or cut up the bread and add in and stir, the longer the bread is in it turns almost like dumplings, You may also cut and toast for croutons for the top. I like to get a big plate put a couple slices of bread on it and pour the stew over. This is very inexpensive to make and will feed an small army. It is very hearty and rich. You can cut down on everything and make a smaller batch. Try it. You will love it.
    The original recipe was made with a ( Si-qua A-s-ga-li ) Pig's Head. And is , I think better. When you are a poor Indian you use everything, nothing goes to waste.  
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    Sounds interesting well except the beef liver  [​IMG]
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