In ground BBQ Pit?

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Original poster
Jul 16, 2007
Washington State
Does anyone in here have experience BBQing with an in-ground bbq pit? My father and I are interested in taking it up, we have the room in the back yard but have never done it before. Any tips on digging it up and how to get the proper heat and cover it correctly?
i've done a few, depends on what your cooking as to the size of the hole. but line it w/ lava rock,burn the wood down to coals on top of that.the hawaiian way is to wrap inwet banana or taro leaves,but since we're not there.. you can use heavy duty foil over the rock. cook your meat for a while then wrap in foil & wet burlap bag and put back on the fire.add more coals to the top & let sit for hours or cover w/ a light coat of dirt(make sure the meat is wrapped well) & let sit overnight. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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