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Jul 7, 2005
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Today we had a "new" member post in Roll Call an ad that was commercial in nature-some of you may have even seen it-so you know what I'm talking about.

I have been on forums where an individual joins just to post ads for products for commercial gain; and detract from the original purpose for the forum. I mentioned my concerns to Jeff and he has allowed me to handle the situation as I saw fit. The individual was sent a post warning (a moderator tool) and his post deleted. He was also sent a PM which was also sent to Jeff. I have posted that PM here so that you all are aware of SMF position on this.


Jeff Phillips has developed Smoking Meat Forum to be an informational and educational site. Commercial ads such as the one that you posted is not acceptable in our format. If you have a sincere interest in learning or expanding your knowledge of smoking foods, we would enjoy your company on SMF.


Earl Dowdle
Smoking Meat Forum

cc: Jeff Phillips

Jeff does not mind if you want to make a post with used items that you may have for sale. In fact I have made a request that a "Classified Section" be added to SMF for this purpose.

We appreciate the efforts of all of you to keep SMF a friendly and family oriented site. Without your dedication and participation this site would not be possible.

Thanks for all that each of you bring to SMF.

Earl D-
Whole heartedly agree and support you action Earl. 8)

I saw the locked post and had a feeling it wouldn't be around long.
Very well handled Moderating my friend. :D Thanks for doing what you do!
Way to go Dutch!!! I do not want to complain, but I was very annoyed when I saw that also. I don't mind if a member joins and talks about an employer and has a link that you can check out if you want, that is one thing. Commercial ads in the Roll Call section is just not right!!!!! I too support your action, and appreciate all that you do!!!


Thanks for being the moderator and stepping up and handling this in a professional manner. If you would allow me as a newbie to step and say " this forum is the MOST educational, informative and professional run that I have a priveledge to belong to.

Let's please keep it that way.
Thanks for your support, Bob. Each member is important here at SMF and we're glad your here too.
i missed it but i agree, unless you are a vital member of the forum you dont need to advertise anything.

may that man live in a world with out smoked pork, beef, chicken, eggs, jalops, baked beans, liquid smoke (have to cover all bases)
Mmmmm.....just a general comment - ANNOUNMENT should read ANNOUNCEMENT ---- I keep seeing the spelling error.


Ahem!! I did that on purpose to see if anyone was paying attention! Yeah, that's it!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! :D
Actually, my spellchecker program doesn't work too well with words that are in uppercase. :oops: I should of caught that goof myself.
I did some research in my BBQin' with cheeseheads dictionary. To your credit....Although the spelling is not correct, the pronunciation is correct after 6 beers :lol:
LOL - sorry about that - my mother was a High School English Teacher there in Utah - and one of my earliest 'jobs' was to go over her students papers and check spelling errors.

(I have been known to correct my college professors spelling - especially if they were one of Mom's former students!)

Dawn, Isn't that kind of like skating on thin ice? :shock: :mrgreen:
We'll......I'm just overwhelmed with all of the great people here at the forum! And to show my appreciation (let me catch my breath) I'm going to do something I've REFUSED to do for many years :shock: I'm going to give everyone my recipe for my World class chili
I recieved Grand Champion about 15 years ago for it. I've never been willing to do this....but feel compelled to offer it now. I'll post it tomorro in the ''sides'' section :D Again thanks to all!!!!
Hi Dutch,

LOL - well - my Mom was one of those teachers that the majority of her students loved and respected - so I haven't worried about a former student (that may now be a college professor) would try to 'get back at her', if you know what I mean. My Mom would often bring students home, and tutor them in our living room or at the dining room table. She has written many a recommendation for a student, and she did her best to truly help her students succeed. (Of course, this was back in the day when a teacher _could_ invite their students to their homes!) She also hired some of her students to do little projects around the house that Mom and I couldn't do ourselves - like build a closet, or bookcase - fix and repair type of jobs. I know she even had one student help her pick out a goat to buy!

Mom also battled 2 bouts of cancer - and still showed up to teach her students. They were her 1st priority - and many of them knew that.

Mom taught at Weber High in the Ogden area from 1963 - 1976. (She beat the cancer twice, and out-lived 2 out of 3 husbands!)

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