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    I smoked a leg of lamb yesterday and was really disappointed in the taste, it was very bland. I didn't get a nice lamb flavor and it didn't seem to pick up the flavor of the smoke (oak and hickory, more oak than hickory).
    I ran the smoker at 250-275. I wrapped in foil at 150 internal and left it for a half hour longer, then took it off. Before smoking I slit the meat in several places and put in garlic cloves then rubbed with evoo, garlic salt, pepper and Herbs de Provence (the brand I have seems to have a lot of rosemary in it and rosemary seems to go well with lamb).
    The meat turned out well done although there was a littlle pink in a few places, certainly more done than medium. I will take it out of the smoker and wrap sooner next time.
    Any idea on where the flavor went?
  2. Hmmm.....I dont know. Did you sear it? Did you bring it to room temp first? I smoke mine between 225* and 250*. I usually bring mine to an internal of 145* and then foil, towel and into a cooler for about 1.5 hours. Season with garlic, salt and pepper, and rosemary. I guess be sure to not overcook and make sure you let it rest before slicing. Here are some pics of one I did a month or so ago.

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