I'm Thinking Ham Ribs

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Sep 8, 2006
Casa Grande, AZ
Dry cure some spares or baby backs and smoke them like ham... How do you thing they'll turn out?

Yep... damm good. used tenderquick instead of salt in my dry rub and let 'em sit from friday eve till sat afternoon wrapped tight. Smoked over apple for 5 hours, finished foil wrapped in oven. Chilled 'em for Sunday dinner...on the BBQ for 10 min then sauced. Really interesting "SpareHam" taste.. Go on and try it...it's only a couple slabs, eh?
Gol darn those two preverts!! The only reason they are here is to balance the rest of us "good" folks!! haha
i don't know about ribs but i was thinking a seasalt cured pork shoulder(like on the ships of old) and cold smoked for about 48 hours- i'm trying to recreat the old 1700s-1800s authentic cured meats. basically wrap tight in seasalt crystals in an (modify it) oak barrel for 40-60 days after a 48 hour smoke @ say 140-160f.since i can't do a few hundred lbs. of meat i was thinking smoke it & salt wrap in foil w/ white oak chips & store dark & cool for about 3-6 wks.
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