Im smokin in the rain, smokin in the rain

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May 30, 2007
Oak Grove, MO
Today decided to fire up the smoker. Got ABT's scewerd shrimp w/ lemon pepper 2 pork tenders, and a brisket.

Attachment 4442

Attachment 4443

I got to cook in the rain friday nite and again saterday morning, things tunt out fine, just drug the pit in the garage with the stack just outside under the sofit and a fan blowing, kinda sucks but i had some briskets to smoke for a friend.
nice looking shrimp how long do you smoke them for and do you soak the sticks also before you put the shrimp on
Good luck and Good smoking
I understand about needing the rain. I got cracks in the ground large enough to swallow a small baby. and the only time it rains it when I start cooking...

If you have mild jalpenos and want them hotter. Vacuume seal them and freeze them for a week or two... They will light you up... MY eyes actually were watering... and I am mexican...
lol( but not) debi- me growing up & our family ( yes i know more than bubba- forrest style about shrimp)owning shrimp boats... i'da starved to death. like a rancher not eating beef...... are ya allergic to iodine or any crustacean ? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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