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Jun 20, 2007
Troy AL
I got a new wide body GOSM about three weeks ago, cured it and got it ready to go but because I've been laying new flooring in my house and the heat I haven't had the time to smoke. Yesterday I said the hell with it, when I went out to my shop to raid the beer fridge and feed the yard mutts I broke it out and put some Fatties(beer snacks) in it. I had read about low temp problems and other things so I played with the temps before I put them in, it was 95° outside and mine would hold as low as 190° and then 225° between low and medium. Man it was great to sit in the recliner and watch TV in the shop while it held a steady temp without messing with it all the time, only thing wrong was the door thermometer is off 45° but I can deal with that. Next weekend I will break it in proper
Sounds like a great day, Hawk. I've been wanting one of those. I hope you had a/c while in that recliner.

I've got a fattie on right now, and a cold beer in my hand! Ahhhh......life is good!
No A/C but my shop is in the shade and I have a 52' ceiling fan and a gable exhaust fan, and a 8' barn style door so I get plenty of air
come to think of it an AC would be really nice
LOL!!! I'm guess'n he's got a "toy" in that barn that is similar to what is in his avatar! THAT would be one heck of a fan!!!

Now that you have free time while you smoke, ya gotta get an r/c heli to play w/while your "cook'n". Mine is on the way.
If you're like me, you'll really enjoy that GOSM. I have one and it's currently in the 8th hour with a clod in it. It's the first clod I've done but it's looking really good and the GOSM makes it really nice. While it's smoking, I've been checking on it from the shop where I'm making some serious saw dust. I have some new toys .... table saw and router table.... life is indeed good hickory smoke and wood working and Q tonight. I'll post more on the clod in a separate thread. Enjoy the GOSM!
I won't touch an RC helicopter but I used to build RC planes and fly them.
This has a 103" wingspan, 100cc engine opposed cylinders with electronic ignition swinging a 28" prop. About 8 grand worth, me on the left with the fellow I built it for.

Do you fly RC?
I quit building about three years ago, it turned into a job. I always told people it will be ready when it's ready but they started pushing for them to be finished and I didn't need the pressure so I quit. The one in the picture took 350hrs and at the time I wasn't retired.
BigAL, let me know when you can do this with that RC Helicopter you have coming

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