I'm depressed!

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Sep 8, 2006
Casa Grande, AZ
It's 110' outside and the monsoons are coming. I can't smoke!

I need therapy... Maybe I'll do some canning or make some sausage or something. I just know I have to get my backside off this chair and do something..

Naww..It's too hot to do anything..
The monsoon storms are so unpredictable, I might have to retire my smoker until about September when the season ends.
You could be outside in your pool enjoying a cold one and all the sudden there's a wall of dust coming straight for you.

This is my 1st year smoking and I have never done it during monsoon season. I'm sure wind, outside temp, and humidity play major rolls. Might be difficult to control. I might have to give it a shot.

OK Deb, I'll bite.. How do you smoke bacon without fire? PLEASE don't say liquid smoke..

Blackhawk19, I think you might have the best idea!

Edited because I just realized that this is post #150 and I was raised to Meat Mopper! Woo Hoo!
AZ....I'm just east of you so I'll get hit first. I'll give you a heads-up! I've never tried smokin' during a dust storm though....could make for gritty eats.
Yep, you're real close. I hang out in Florence with my Ham Radio group. We go to the County building over there on Butte Rd. I think you were the one who gave me the heads up about the wood guys in Phoenix. I'll give you a heads up. Albertsons in Casa Grande has Country Style Pork Ribs on sale for $1.00/lb this week. These are cut up shoulders. I'm sure if you called ahead, they would set aside a whole roast. Also, if you spend $100, you get .50/gal off on gas at the pump. .25/gal for $50 purchase. They have chicken on sale too at $1.00/lb, but I can get wholes for less and cut them up myself.
Gee Redneck I don't know - I saw this thing called a smoke cannon or something like that. It shoots smoke into a smoker somehow. You have the heat already! Saves on fuel!

Congrats on the Meat Mopper status!
That would be great for cold smokes, but the darn thing costs more than my smoker!

Maybe when some rich old aunt that I never knew leaves me my fortune..
My wife had some of that a couple months ago. Looked like a science project. She threw it away before it matured. I also heard there are some safety issues with it. Have you heard anything about that?
If you're in Az gimme the heads up too. I'm in Houston. It's rained everyday but about 9 in the last month and a 1/2. I need to wash my car so bad that I think it put on another 100#s. I open the sunroof and can't tell it's open. This has been one messed up summer.
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