I'm Back Everyone!!!!!!!!!

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Jul 3, 2005
Stuart and Palm Beach, Florida
I guess Dutch (aka - Earl) was ready to file a Missing Persons report on me! LOL!!!

My business is such that it's commanded 24/7 of my time as of late, and to top that off I've have to do some serious doctoring on my computer! I do all my own work and upgrades to it, but the CPU is about 5.5 years old. which in computer years is ANCIENT! I've got it back up to par now, but plan on installing a new Dual-Core processor and Motherboard in the very near future. I do alot of Multimedia and multi-tasking on it and have heard great reviews on the new Dual-Cores that are out there now.

I hope that everyone is doing well and 'Queing up a storm! I recently threw my annual Memorial Weekend Bash with great success. I cooked over 70 pounds of meat (Brisket, Fresh Ham and Boston Butt). I started the smokers around 10:30 pm and had the meat on at midnight! It was an All-Nighter for sure...........the largest Ham and Brisket came off the racks about 3:30 the following afternoon!!!! Everything was foiled amd placed into a Dry Cooler for another 3 hours. When my Wife pulled off the top layer of damp towels, it still almost scalded her fingers after 3 hours!!!!! As usual, the Brisket and Butt was like "Buddah" (Butter). My Collard Green recipe has become so famous at these events I had to make 2 Pots this time..........which is good for me, because I rarely get to eat any of them, they go so fast!!!!

I will say that having the GOSM Big Block there as back-up was a nice treat. As most of you know, at my big parties, I burn down all my hardwood in a Burn-Barrel and feed the Fire Box with the shovelled embers.............for the Newbies, this is "True" hardwood smoking! After the meats were wrapped, I used the GOSM to bring them up to 190 - 200*. It definitely saved me a few added steps.

Well, it'll probably take me a week to sift thru all the Posts since I've been absent, but hopefully a can add my $0.02 to a few of them!

Great to be back home!

Yup! Dutch was gonna file a missing persons report, I was gonna send out the St Bernards but had to wait a bit, their little kegs were empty, :oops:
All kidding aside I am happy to hear that your work is going well and that your computer has hope! Welcome Back!
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