I was Cleaning my porch and guess what I found?

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Nov 18, 2006
A hole! I'm going now I have something on hold at the Navy Exchange I have to pick up to fill in that hole .....

Yeah!!...What Terry Said!!...

BTW...I'm back...FINALLY!!...albeit in a rather limited way......More on that later......

Until later...
Coley -

Where ya been hon! You've been missing for a month of Sundays!!!

OKay back to the hole I made in the porch igloo ...

I went in to the Navy exchange to buy a going away card for my partner at work. He's a Seabee and being deployed to Djabudi on Sunday for 8 months and on my way back to the office I saw the garden center ... I wondered if they had any wood chips. They didn't, but they did have a special order of 500 of these and I bought one of the last two....

As I have been waiting since April for my brother-in-law to let me play with his welder to finish my barrel smoker I couldn't resist and I can do the mods I wanted to do I this one instead without his tools!

Thats the way to fill holes, hide them with something, and useful at that.
That's one reason why I useto keep an old piano around. Of coarse I could always sit my beer on it, unlike a violin.
Sueezy -

I got rid of two small gas grill carcases I've was gonna rebuild and pushed the ECB and Camp Chef all the way to the end of the porch to make a space. It just fit with about 8 inches to spare.

There's no hole in the porch. Where the light comes through is just where there's a chunk of syrofoam missing from my wind break. My wind break is just huge 4 x 10 sheets of sytrofoam board about 4" thick they threw away at work last year when the contractor bought the wrong kind of foam to do the hospital roof. Works great in the winter!

Here's what my smoker looks like in the day light with no rain:

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