i think this one....

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Dec 22, 2005
i think the first smoker im going to buy is going to be the
"Weber 2820 Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker" ive been lookin around and that one seems good. but of course im very open to any and every suggestion. i know jeff recommended a wood or charcoal one, and i think this is charcoal. please let me know what you all think. thank you.

(hope you had happy holidays!)
Hey nottooyoung, I use a bullet type smoker when I don't have enough stuff to fill the GOSM. It works great since I made some modifications to it (mainly in the charcoal burning area). Just a friendly bit of advice, you may want to look at something a bit larger (look at pits with an offset firebox). These bullet units only have two shelves and you can easily outgrow it when you start cooking for larger groups.
I have seen smokers all over and one of the best smoker that you will find is the tipe that Spicewine Ironworks makes you cook with wood / charcoal and you have a steeming gownig on at the same time. I have and I have seen 6 World Championship Barbecue teams use this tipe of smokers. and I have One smiller to that I use for My BBQ Championship team becuse I have had complant me \complat to then that my chicke to them was to juicey = they must think that the chicken need to be dryer?
They that it was to juicey will I will say they Neve had Chicken cooked right! I got 4 place in Chicken at 2005 World Champion American Royal BBQ, 2004 World Champion Pork Butt at the Royal but there was Only 500 teams I will let you think About that.
The WSM is just about the perfect first smoker for a newbie (or a pro) IMO... You can cook enough food on it to feed a good sized family plus several friends... For example, I have easily cooked 6 butts at a time on mine... The WSM is very user friendly in that you can use charcoal for fuel and wood chunks for smoke and it is VERY easy to regulate temps. I have got burns of over 26 hours on one load of charcoal on nice spring days... On cold or windy days, you will burn a bit more charcoal etc...

Don't take this the wrong way, I really enjoy the Qing process of tending a large offset, keeping a good clean fire and the time it takes, for me, is very relaxing... but when I don't have time to tend one of my larger offsets or the food load to justify it, the WSM is called in to satisfy my Q'n needs..

I got my start on a Brinkman Smoke-N-Pit. I did learn to turn out some great food with it, but I'm not a fan of the cheaper offset smokers.

Many comp teams cook in WSMs with great results! There are probably more WSMs used in comps than any other single brand of cooker so you know they can turn out some decent Q!...

There are many good cookers out there, depending on your budget. The WSMs just went up in price a bit (~$250), but they are still worth every penny. You could also look at the Stumps smokers, Backwoods, GoodOnes etc... but they are more than the price of 3 or 4 WSMs combined...

As stated, you will probably, one day, out grow the WSM. When that happens, you can move on up to bigger and better pits. Heck a lot of folks just buy another WSM...

I commend you on your choice of the WSM. I second James' post above. You can't do better with a first smoker and also, as has been posted, you'll probably grow out of it. But then another WSM, a GOSM or even an advanced off set might fill the bill. Good Luck!
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