I ordered a packer brisket but all i got was the point

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Jun 14, 2007
elmira ont canada
I had to order my brisket, they don't sell them in the stores here. Today i went to the butcher to pick it up low and behold it had been all cut up and all there is is the point with the fat cap on. It is an 11 and a half pound point which is pretty big i think. It goes from 5 inches to 1 and a quarter inch thick . Here are some pics what do i do with it?
I think you got what you ordered. If I remember correctly, packer are the ones in the cryo packaging. The whole brisket consists of a point and a flat. At 11#, sounds like you got what you ordered.
Yeppers that's the real deal!

probably looks like something like this:

1st Picture the whole packer brisket
2nd picture the same brisket separated into a point and flat

Smoking Canada, I'd tend to agree that what you're describing is a packer brisket. The point end is round and thick, the flat portion is just that, a flat piece of meat.

Check out this pic:


The fatty vein towards the left of this hunk of meat separates the point and the flat. The point is the round end, the flat is what remains. If you were to turn this cut over, you'd find the other side covered in a layer of fat. Most brisket aficionados trim the fat down, some (like me) cook it fat side down with minimal trimming....
Debi, i don't know how the heck you did that, butTHANK YOU!! I was trying to think of a way to explain that but it wasn't coming out in words
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