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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by lennyluminum, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. my wife does not really care for sausage very much and I want to make a few fatties tomorrow for a party we are havin. So I need some ideas of a simple fattie that does not use sausage. maybe uncased brawt or ground chicken?
    any ideas would be great!!!
  2. irishteabear

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    A while ago I did a chicken fattie with ground chicken, broccoli, rice and cheddar cheese after talking with Richtee about the one he had made. Make sure to wrap it in bacon though, would have been a bit on the dry side without it.
  3. good idea how did it hold up? I've had some good ideas with chicken just not sure how well it will hold up.
  4. irishteabear

    irishteabear Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    It held up well, just could have used more cheese in the filling. I would definitely do it again.
  5. erain

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    have made gourmet fatties from turkey, salmon, elk, all very low in fat. used a little unflavored geletin mixed in with the meat to help it hold together. trick is to mix it in meat, roll out and leave set in fridge for an hour before adding filling and rolling. i did use some bacon on the outside of these but not the full blown weave.

    turkey and dressing fattie

    salmon dill with baby asparagus and risoto fattie

    elk pot roast fattie
  6. fire it up

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    I'm applauding you right now Erain, way to think out of the box and create some masterpieces.
    Is there a link for the salmon one? I have never come across that thread and would love to make that one for my Dad since he doesn't eat meat (I know...) and so hardly ever has anything I smoke.
  7. pops6927

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    My ideal fatty would be beef summer sausage with crumbled bacon and extra sharp cheddar, chives, green onions and red, yellow and green julienned pepper strips wrapped in bacon weave and basted with bbq sauce! Serve with cheesy hashbrowns and Shiner!
  8. shooterrick

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    Well a bit of a twist but I have made chicken monterey on the smoker and was very good. Pound out chick breast thin. Stuff with Monterey Jack, Virginia ham, spinich and wrap in bacon. When done spoon some Alfredo over and enjoy.
  9. jlmacc

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    Man you guys are getting me hungry.Those look very good erain!and I like the idea shooter for the chicken....gonna have to put that on the list to try.
  10. erain

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  11. the iceman

    the iceman Smoking Fanatic

    Try a chorizo & ground beef fattie with whole green chile, black olive & jack cheese stuffing. Works for me. [​IMG]
  12. mballi3011

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    You can try the baked potatoe fattie. I did this one awhile ago and it has hamburger and potatoes, onions, cheese, green onions, green peppers and some blue cheese too.

  13. chefrob

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    great ideas for a FNG like me to try!

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