I need some ideas for my pheasant

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by scottsdalesmoke, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. So i just got my hands on about 3 pheasants all cleaned and taken apart, now i just need some ideas on what to marinate them in.  This will be my first time smoking any kind of wild game and i know that if not done right it will just turn out bad.  Any ideas from the members here on how to do some killer pheasant?  You have my thanks in advance for you assistance.
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    My favorite is to fillet it all off the bone, then butterfly the chunks. Add cream cheese, jalapeno, onion, then wrap it it bacon and marinate it in your favorite BBQ sauce. Throw it in the smoker and enjoy. It turns out awesome.
  4. Thanks guys i went with a simple preparation brined them and them seasoned and wrapped in bacon.  I had not opened the bag that they came in and found out that i also had some duck in there as well, always a welcome surprise and did them much in the same way but seasoned them a little differently.

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