I need help...

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May 5, 2007
...I can't stop myself. I can't help but improvise/improve when things wear out. Plus, I am a tinker addict.

My poor little Weber kettle took a turn for the worst. The bottom vent/sweeper rusted out and became totally useless. Two of the three "wings" rusted and fell off. Not pretty. I know I can get replacement parts, but...

Anyway, I had an old hubcap lying around, from a '51 Plymouth. Plus, I still have remnants of the infamous sliding board that I made my starter chimney from. Long story short, they both are now functioning as my vent control (and rather nicely, I might add). My wife REALLY thinks I'm nutz now...

Pix to follow...
Not 2 worry Lisa, the Weber has been saved and is still among the living.
Here's a couple of lousy pictures (I really need a new camera...) of the latest "renovation"... Not quite the original design, but it works!
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