I need help..advise

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Jun 22, 2007
Brandon, Florida
I have a bit of a dilemma and need some advice. Last night I cut my ribs and took the skin off and seasoned with chili powder and pepper, wrapped them in plastic wrap and in the fridge seasoning until tomorrow, the 4th.
Background info, not really important but thought I'd tell you.
Here's the problem; I'm going to 3-2-1 them. I live in the Tampa are and until this past Monday it's been fairly dry, rain free. So, this whole week we've moved into a weather pattern that is producing heavy rain and lightning every day for several hours, yesterday it started at 1pm and pounded us hard until 3:45pm with light sprinkles to follow. And you guessed it, same for the 4th
I don't have a smoke shack or any place to get the smoker out of the weather. So;
Should I just leave it out in the rain smoking the ribs? This I think would lower the temp significantly.
If I start way early, say around 9am they'd be done around 3pm or I could do the last hour in the oven, but how would I keep them warm until 6pm when the feast is to begin?
I'm not sure what is the best course of action can anyone give me some advice.

Thank you Jim
You could also build a enclosure out of plywood. Would protect the smoker but not you.
Well, well Mr. HH
I, me, the one and only FlaGriller,
has in his garage, a very large umbrella with a top vent! And he has a wooden swing set that has rungs at the top! I could place the umbrella through the rungs and let it rest on the rails which would hold it up! I'll try it tonight to see if it works.
you have a tarp? build a frame out of 2x4's and put the tarp on it.

i have smoked in the rain, it does lower your temps some. depends on the ambient temp, how hard it is raining, and the wind.
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