I need Crust on my PORK!

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Original poster
Yes I know this sounds like a personal problem!

I have a Propane vertical smoker, smoky mountain. Wal-mart Special!

last year for 4th of July I smoked 4 pork shoulders in it and did pulled BBQ pork for the picnic. It came out fine but had none of the yummy black crust that most smoked pork shoulders have. Down south I see them take out those black hunks of pure goodness from the smoker. I don't want to get the temp to hot and have it come out tough! I keep the smoker at about 200-225

Anyone have any tips on how to get my pork black and crusty?

Here is what I did.

Put on my favorite rib and wrapped in plastic wrap and put in fridge for several hours or overnight.

Put in smoker and kept temp 225 - 250 degrees until internal temp was about 160. Spritzing it with apple juice after it had been on for 4 hours.

At 160 i pulled it off, spritzed it with juice, wrapped it in heavy duty aluminum foil until internal temp was about 200.

Pulled it off, left foil on, wrapped in towel and placed in dry cooler for 2 hrs.

Results attached.

like keywes said, slather that thing up in some plain ol yellow hotdog mustard and then generously apply your rub.. it works
the mustard flavor will cookout so dont worry!
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