I need a lid for a Weber 22 1/2"

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Jul 4, 2007
I borrowed a Weber 22 1/2" Silver Grill & the lid fell off & I ran over it. I need to find one to buy.

I can get the whole grill in town for $84.99 & Weber wants over $60 to ship me just the lid.

Anybody got a 22 1/2 Weber grill thats shot but the lid is good & they want to sell the lid??
double wrap a 24" pizza tray in foil........ or flatten a '54 caddy hubcap.... lol durn, i just ran across that same pit w/ shoddy legs & my lil steak burner has good legs but the body is shot... we coulda made a trade before trash day last week....
Thanks for the help.

I feel bad as it is.

I was doin a Q for the church & they were kind enough to let me use the weber to smoke some of the meat.
Smoke Happens...... better to run over the grill than the food... unless yer a southerner like me.. hush up bubba ya road killin' grillin' fool... lmao- and ya gotta watch out fer them montana folk ( ya know who ya are terry)
If I knew who I was, ya big dummie, I'd shoot myself!!!!! Naw, I'm just too damn purty to deprive the world of, ME!!!
John D have you checked ebay or craigslist... you might get lucky. Check the paper for yard sales too. Good Luck

Keep Smokin

This could be your lucky day.... I just happen to have one... It is off of a newer 22 1/2" that I acquired. I will look and see if it is still under the house.. Is that the black one? This one if I remember right is the newer one, with the composite handle. I needed something for mine (older version) and this one showed up on the steps one day. I could probably make you a good deal if it is still there. I will let ya know.

I hope it is the right one it is black & is the newer style.

Let me know ASAP they want the grill back this weekend?!?!?!

I will need to let them know what is going on sooner or later.


John D.
Type: Package Status: In Transit - On Time Scheduled Delivery: 08/13/2007 Shipped To: SHELBY, MI, US

This place is all about the help... it's way cool of mrgrumpy to help a fella in need out of a jam
Type: Package Status: Delivered Delivered On: 08/13/2007
12:03 P.M. Delivered To: SHELBY, MI, US

Did it arrive ok? And does it look right? I am sure it is, so I hope it does a good job for you....

Looks & fits perfect

10# Cherry wood on the was in the next couple days

Many, many Thanks Bill
Sounds great.... I will let ya know when it gets here... can't wait.


I shipped out the Cherry today. USPS 4 to 7 day shipping. Sorry no tracking #. I got a little heavier than the 9#. That was as a Thank You for the lid. Let me know if you want more Cherry & how you like it. It's best to peel most of the bark off if you can.
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