i may sound cocky

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
yesterday i went to visit bud & tonto in the real deal heat & see their set up & the commitment they have to kcbs (& other) contests.bud, sweating his... well "bud" off,& tonto dealing w/ the heat(for those that know).. i only sampled their food & they are dang good but to see the (just by the look) of some of the so-called "heavy hitters"- we got better back yard cooks here. and my wife that doesn't even like ribs -gnawed down about four of today's( i was inspired by bud & tonto)... so no matter the size of yer "toys" ya can turn out great que- i even saw some world famous teams just using green eggs( to me they look like upside down avacados) i would put the smokin' scotsmen, debi, and a host of our's truly(smf'rs) against thede folks anyday.... even my wife who was afraid of the "big rigs" said i whooped their butts today... just by the looks of the food... and as a man who wants his kcbs judging cert. - i can really respect the men & women that had to eat & judge 4 courses of 40 plus teams in over 100 degree heat... myself, i'd puke & declare a winner after the 1st plate....
Well Gypsy, I know you will bring a whole new knowledge and understanding to the "KCBS" , and perhaps the "experts" will take advice from you!
For the most part, I agrre with what you have said. Just the site of some of those rigs makes you think "Awsome!". And about using the upside down avocados, thst isn't threatening to most of us. This scenario can be applied to many fields, like some guitarist with $$ Les Pauls and hgh wattage amplifiers. Some of the best music I've heard live came from small amps and simple guitars. It's all relative. We have a very capable group amongst us, comp or no comp.
Gypsyseagod, I have to agree with you. I haven't spoken with Bud & Theresa since the Gathering and not too many posts with them either. But I have tasted their Q and (no matter what Tonto says) it was very good. They are a very humble crew with a strong love and commitment to the art of Perfect Que.

As for you, who cares if you sound cocky.. get that KCBS judging cert and help keep the big boys in line. Just cuz they're bigger don't make em better.

Keep Smokin
Hey Gypsy, remember, your "David", Goliith(sp) ain't that gol darn big! One litte rock in the spare ribs or brisket? Done deal. Besides, your sweet little wife says you have an excellent sense of taste. I have to agree, after all, you fell in love with her didn't ya?
I am thinking what may happen with time is these "big dollar boys" will get beat out by SMF members on a few occasions and come to the conclusion that if you can not beat them, join them. Then they will be surfing SMF and gathering knowledge to get back into competition.

Very interesting subject, in the future I would like to find a local competition just to give it a try. I have done a Google search looking for something local to my area and can not find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find a competition local to my state?
yeah same here-it's the food ..not the rig-bud & tonto kicked butt to show up,cook, place & get the job done... and i was there- it was a "JOB' that day.... as far as les pauls- i was a kiss fan from way back & ace didn't always play $20,ooo les pauls.... long story short.... i was really commending the judges who had to eat all that food in the heat... now i see it ain't all fun & games....4 courses- 40 teams - judge over 3 hrs- you do the math & factor in 110-118 degree heat... who can eat period.as far as bud & tonto ( bubba ya worked so i'll forgive ya ya yankee...lol)baby aimee smiled & grabbed teresa's hand & loved entertaining them and sooo too young for que- she ate all the way home... everyone there period did a great jobof competing in that heat.....i just didn't see anything that can beat our smf or show the love of the cook- it (for some) was all about the win....i met alot of people & sent them to the smokin' scotsman to try food & se the love of the que.....
p.s. mossy- get your state tourism book & see whats up in your area. i didn't find anything good on the internet- even the smokin' lebanon thing wasn't listed & no details- i had to call them - if it wasn't for bud,tonto, & bubba- i woulda never known. as far as the local comp i was supposed to be in - woulda cost me more than the grand prize & on the way home from b&t's comp.- i only saw 3 booths & re restaurants.... they said only 5 entrants- i know 3 of the rests.. - i woulda won easy- but to spend $500 to win a $200 booth for the"global fest"- i'll just buy my entry.... think i'll do gypc's italian sammies,fatties, & whole meatloafs....
Laura and I had the great privledge (spelling?) in meeting Tonto, Bud, bbq bubba, Cheech, and wateryeyes at the Taste of Grand Rapids! Their "left overs" were nothing I could do (LOVED THE CHICKEN!). What an honor! We look forward to seeing them all again at Silver Lakes, and those who can make it.
i could do a blind judging..but if i knew what smf members submitted a plate...i'd be prejudiced for them../////- cause i know me- i'm a cook & yakkaholic..
i find time to cook for 50 on a weekly basis & still manage to post- i shoulde be around 2000 now..... and it's just me, the wife, maybe a couple friends, & what i give away as advertisement for business & just plain old good faith.i just like to feed people... & see when they like it.
p.s. i already know my best cook- it's yet to come this thanx-g when aimee is 6 mo's old & just ready to gnaw on her 1st smoked turkeyleg (6 mo's old) just like i did @ 6 mo's old nov. of '68... makes great pics too.
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