i may have to convert

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i cant believe i am saying this but here goes.

i am an old school person i believe in doing things the old way i cook with wood.

we just got a new roomate, and he brought along a brinkman vertical propane smoker. he has cooked a few times and it was good. but i stick with my good old wood burner.

today i decided to make some jerkey for the race this weekend (like the jerkey will be around that long but its an idea) i decided to try his smoker cause its easier to control the temp. all i can say is wow its actually really nice.

the convienence of this thing is insane. i even like the fact that you can control the amount of smoke that hits your food. no more oversmoked food.
yo buzzard,
at home depot you can get a char-broil H2o electric.
they are about 80 bucks.
mine has adjustable heat.
its like a control on a electric frying pan.

lowest setting will give you about 130 f
highest will go about 240 f.

im guessing the low might work.

since light bulb heated dehydraters do jerky,
i am guessing you dont need a lot of heat.

smoking chips work good in my unit.

i really enjoy the food cooked on Timex.
My GOSM does an awesome job. Ive been lucky with mine and haven't had the temp control problems that others have had. I can easily maintain temps from under 200 to up over 300. It did a fantastic job on about 15 lbs of sockeye salmon this past weekend. All I have to worry about is smoke and flavor and NOT temps anymore ....
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