I may be a newbie but....

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Jul 4, 2007
I did a butt for our monthly church pot luck & everyone liked it.

Now at the end of the month we have our church tailgate party (formerly known as a church picnic)
I am in charge of the BBQ. So far we have a commitment of 10# of chicken leg quarters, 1 butt (unknown weight) 4 racks of ribs & fresh fish (unknown how much depends on the kids fishin day) they keep telling me what is coming in as they get it. I know I have a webber grill, my brinkman 7 in 1, & chargriller pro to do the cooking. It is going to be a lot of last minute planning. The turn in time for the meat is Saturday AM to start cooking saturday night & so far I have only 2 or 3 to help.

Should be an interesting BBQ.

Wish me luck Saturday July 28 thru Sunday July 29 AM as I should have fun trying to get it all timed to be don after church Sunday at 12:00-12:30.

Any one want to help??

John D.
Good luck on your Q cook.I would keep some foil, old towels and a couple coolers handy to hold the chicken, butt, and ribs in case of an early finish time. About 1 hr. before lunch you can put the chicken and ribs on to firm and glaze. Pull the butt and place in throw-a-way foil pan with juices or finishing sauce, cover and place in smoker to keep warm. The fish, you are on your own, haven't done any fish yet.
I have ribs & butt down.

The rest, whatever people bring is going to be a 1st. I am entered in the backyard BBQ in Silver Lake for ribs & wings & have lots of practice on those. The neighbor thinks I'll win with the ribs. The rest????

As they say somkin is an art & I think I'm good at the art of smoking so as they say Here Goes nothin.

July 28 & 29

John D.
I agree with shortone, make sure you have coolers, towels and if the church has a stove, you may be able to acess that resourse as well
! Sorry that we're in NC or we might be able to help out
. Just remember to enjoy your smoke
. Daun
I agree w/ shortone... Those foil pans are a life saver. I have found you can smoke all the meat take a little apple juice or chicken broth in the bottom and put it back on the smoke and cover it w/ foil, and it turns it soooo juicy. and you can keep the meat warm untill other meat is done...
Hey John, good luck with your Q event... you'll be fine! I'd love to come and help ya', but I'm in Delaware... a tad too far away.

When I smoke fish, I like to brine it overnight, then rinse it thoroughly and pat dry. I just use salt and pepper or a basic rub, and "drizzle" on a combination of lemon juice and vodka. Use your imagination...
Congregation will really like the fish!
Mrs. Smith: "John, how did you prepare that wonderful fish? I must get your recipe!"
LOL! Yeah, I guess the vodka part might be a little over the top for that crowd... but then again...
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