I love that smell

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Sep 17, 2006
West Virginia
After finishing my mowing this evening, I decided to relax a little on my back deck where my smoker resides. I was enjoying the "down" time, watching for deer to wander by when all of a sudden the breeze blew the smell of my smoker my way. Man, that thing smells good even when it's not fired up! I was instantly hungry. Drooling, I came in the house and heated up a fatty to snack on. I am truly addicted to smoked grub
Thats funny, i keep my smoker in the shop purposely in the summer, gets hot enough where it starts leaching out that wonderful smell, smells like a smokehouse
I smoked opened a container of my smoked brisket, ate a piece then closed the container put it in the fridge. My wife comes by and asked if I was smoking meat again. I said no. She replies "Dang it". Shes addicted too. This is the same woman who complained about me building a smoker...
Okay, I thought I was nuts for loving that smell, but I see I'm in good company here...
ME too!!!
And I just started a brisket this morning!
The smell is driving me crazy!
Good thing I threw on some hot Italian sausage.
I can have that for my breakfast.
I keep my GOSM in a cedar shed out of the weather. Everytime I open the shed door I start to drool. If I could only figure out how to get that smell into an aerosol can I'd be rich ....
Hi, I'm new around here. My name is Darrell and I'm a smoke junky too. I think I'm gonna start a local support group. Meetings will be here in Houston on Sundays out on my patio around the smoker. Feel free to bring the beverage of your choice and whatever meat products you wish to donate to the smoke !!!
Slobber, slobber, drip, drip.............................Dawg empties drool bucket for the umpteenth time........(wipes mouth with sleeve).
Just for perspective ... finding the money is easier than finding the packer for me. Where I live, they are not in any grocery store or meat market as yet.
There is one place that does their own killing a few miles north of here ... got to pay a visit.
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