I know low and slow is best but this is killin me!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by belair427, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Good evening all,
    I have my second brisket in the last 24 hours in the smoker now. I started it at 5:30 am and it has been stuck, only moving from 161 to 164 since about 4:00 pm. Smoker temp is around 190 most of the day. I know about the plateau but is it normal to last this long? My plan was to foil at 170 and pull at 200. I am concerned it will be dry as I have only opened the lid twice for a peek and have not mopped or sprayed since I started it. The first one I tried the Smokieokie method and was not realy impressed other than it only took 9 hours at 225. What do you all think?
    This is rather important as I have 4 more to complete by Friday night.
  2. pineywoods

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    I smoke briskets at 225-250. That being said if you've had enough pull it now and foil it mopping well before sealing it up and throw it in the oven set at 250
  3. capt dan

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    You do know that if your smoker is running at 190, the meat aint ever gonna get to 200 right???? Unless your doing fish, jerky, sausage, or cheese, a smoker never needs to be any lower than 225, 215 absolute minimum. I run mine like piney for briskets and butts 225-250
  4. I usually run at 180-190 while smoking and kick up to 225 after foiling.
  5. walking dude

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    belair..............you really need to smoke at 225-250........like was said earlier, meat will NEVER get higher than your smoker temps..........plus at 225-250, your stalls will be shorter, and your smoking time will be shorter......
  6. bbq bubba

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    Plus you got meat sitting in the danger zone for WAY to long...
    Kick up that heat, there is NO benefit to cookin at 190.
  7. flash

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    [​IMG][​IMG] You the man, Capt Dan
  8. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    btw........i am not mocking you or your smoking methods, but where did you get the idea that 190 was the temp to smoke at????
  9. No offense taken. Never to old to learn.
    I use a pellet smoker with a selector and set on smoke it runs at 190.
    Please feel free to correct any time. Im a slow learner.
  10. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    then bump that baby up to 230..........i run at 250-260 at times
  11. Thanx for the input Walking Dude. I bumped it up 2 notches and its runnin at 240
  12. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    there you go dude............you will be FINE now.......
  13. I smoke briskets at around 180 to 200 till the temp of the brisket hits 140 or 150. Then I bump the temp to between 220 and 240, and pull the meat at around 190 and plastic wrap it. I don't use foil because it will sometimes corrode or get eaten by some rub ingredients. Some kinda chemical reaction. I start low because I read somewhere that the meat only soaks up smoke and rub flavor util it hits 140 or 150. Give it more smoke flavor, the way I and everyone that has tried my smoking likes it.

    Well, that's my 2 cents on this subject. Hope it helps you on your smoking endeavor. Did you say earlier that you had FIVE more after this one? If so, the meathod I mentioned above takes about 10 to 12 hours for a decent sized brisket (around 8 to 10 pounds). Anyway, good luck, hope they turn out good.
  14. Thanks Vegans, I think I got a handle on it now. Yes, 1 one the smoker now and 3 more to go.
  15. bbqgoddess

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    I am not familiar with your smoker or the size of it, but if you are doing them one at a time, you are gonna have to run it hotter and take em out and toss em in the oven.....what time do you need them by on friday? how many #s do you have to go...in how many hours and don't forget to add in the stall time....just my .02
  16. ron50

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  17. richtee

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    /\ What he said! [​IMG]POINTS!
  18. jbchoice1

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    I' with ^^^... but why are you doing them one at a time??? I'm just curious, nothing wrong with it, but was wondering...
  19. Thanks for the input gals and guys. I put the last 2 on at
    8:00 am today with the hope that they will be close when I get home tonight or shortly after. I now have 100# of pork and 40# of beef vacuum packed and frozen that I moved to fridge last night to start the thaw for Saturday afternnon. What do you think about the 2 I have in the smoker now, will thet be alright with simply referigerated until Saturday or should I go ahead and freeze partially tonight? We are going to boil to complete thaw Saturday morning and serve from roasters at the reception.
  20. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You could prolly get away wrapping and chilling to 40° or less. Hmmm stack them in between the frozen stuff... chill the fresh and warm the frozen!

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