I have to be a judge at the fair

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
I just found tonight that after going to the fair today to get our first hog that I have to go back tomarrow to be a judge at a BBQ competion. I could not get into it because our local kiwanis members are judges and since my father right now is the presedent of the group I could not do it. Well he was a backup also and I just found out that I am also a backup. We had a few people drop out so I am going to have to now judge other peoples skills.

What I am kind of worried about is that I am hard my myself so I am not sure if I am going to be the same to others. Since I have never done this kind of judging and this is the first time of the fair doing this what should I be looking at? It just feels kind of weird doing this but I know for the judges I am the only one that knows how to BBQ.

Thanks for any tips or ideas for this I am just a little nervus.
yea i agree with you that is a tough job. i know how picky i am about my cooking, but i dont think i am as judgemental on others i just look at it as if its good or not.

when i cook im looking for someting exact. precision is the key for me. but im not making it

i guess i thought i might have some help but inreality as i typed this i realized i really dont, im guess im just making you read my babble for no reason at all.

however i am interested in seeing how it goes.
Looks like I may be a little late answering your post, but if it was me, I would try to keep an open mind as everyone has their on taste. However, if it was just bad then I would have to say so.

Come to think of it, I'm babbling as bad as Buzzard :!:
Well I just got home from it. We only had 7 teams. Only 3 did a beef, chicken, and pork ribs. The beef was a little hard because we had one brisket and 2 steaks (yea I know not smoked but we allowed it). With 4 judges it was not that bad.

Problem is how stuffed I am. About total I had a slab of ribs, 3 legs of chicken, and a small beef steak.

The ribs that one we all agreed were the best. After we were done and I went to talk with them. They did a 3-1-.5 cook on them and they just feel right off the bone. They did a nice rub and a little sause on it. We could not ask for better.

It was a lot of fun and I can not wait till next year. I might try it next time I will have to see if we have to judge again.
O man I did not even think of that. I would guess we will have to get more judges. I guess if we had judges for beef, chicken, and pork we could handle it. The fair grounds were very happy with it and the turn out and they do want to do it agian next year.

If you are some how up in northern IL durring fair time I will see what I can do for you in the judging.

One of the best parts was though we had a team that this was their first time trying a competion and they won best Chicken. They one by about 4 points because the other team that had the best ribs had once peice of chicken that was a little under cooked so they lost some points. That was a great boost for them.
just let me know a time and date and ill just schedule to do some business up there.

im just guessing if you are going to have more food next year you will just have to take one bite of each. maby two
Sounds like a fun time you had. Where was the fair held at? I would have liked to check it out!! Well maybe next year. Let me know thats not too far for me.
It was at the McHenry County Fair in Woodstock.

Come to think of it next year when I get the info I will post it on the board. That way if anyone want to try out their cooking skills they can and it is a lot of fun.

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