I have a keyboard error

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by crazybuoy, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. crazybuoy

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     person turned on the computer without a keyboard plugged in.

    When she turns on the computer, the computer finds out that there is no keyboard attached and it gives a "Keyboard Error" message.

    She then asks "Why did it give me a keyboard error?

    There isn't even a keyboard attached?
  2. mr mac

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    Blonde roots I'd bet!  [​IMG]
  3. hitmark

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    While trying to diagnose a problem over the phone I told the user to type out his autoexec.bat file.

    He said it said "File not found".

    I told him to do a dir.

    I asked him if he saw autoexec.bat listed.

    He said, "Well it says autoexec, then there's some spaces, but no dot, and then it says bat."

    I said type this in "type autoexec.bat".

    Again he got "File not found".

    I asked him to tell me exactly what he typed.

    He said, "I typed just what you told me: `type autoexecdotbat'.

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