I guess catfish not much to say

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Feb 1, 2006
Sulphur Springs, Ar. 72768
I guess there not much to say about smoke catfish here, but it is a good dish to cook up here in Ar. the only thing about it to have a good rub for it. after 3 hour of smokin it, it just fall apart as you pulling it out of the smoker.
I agree with ya that smoked catfish be some mighty good eats. Given the coice tho, I still prefer mine fried...

For another great fish to smoke, do a google on "The Cardogs Salmon recipe" It rocks! The recipe can be found on the Viritual Weber Bullet site.

James, Thank I look that into that one. I too like it fries as in all you can eat with smoke can only eat a little of it.

mdram, that would be strange to me too, but never try that one
Corvette,first of all I think you might be a little touched,but I like that in a man.Im from WV and had my turn in the deep south.Ill tell you right now that them people there know how to eat.Catfish,frog legs,turtle,gator tails,and wild hog.Ive never smoked catfish but I like eating it a bunch.Id think if I did Id like to rub it with some garlic and red pepper,douse it into some olive oil,lemon juice, and a little white wine.Keep it wet while your smoking.Ive done lots of trout this way and have allways admired the way it turned out.
I remember when I was stationed at Ft. McClellan, AL. me and some buddies when fishing and I caught a 60 pound catfish. The Mess Sergeant told use that if we caught a catfish he would cook it up for us. Should a seen his jaw drop and his eyes bug out when we handed him that big ol' cat! He baked it, steamed it, sauteed it with veggies and deep fried it but he didn't smoke it.
That would be a big cat to smoke, I ain't got a hold of one of them yet but then again I rather to stick around the average size. it faster to smoke them.
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