I got a new Smoker!! (Q-View)

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Sep 17, 2006
West Virginia
Well.....I have been wanting a bigger smoker. I wanted to stick with propane and my budget limit was $ 150.00. I went to Wal-Mart and came home with the GOSM 3405BGW. Had it assembled in no time, got her seasoned and decided to break her in for my youngest son's birthday. Here is the q-view of it loaded up with spare ribs, skirt meat and some ABT's. I have a nice day to smoke, 75 degrees and no wind. I have had no problem maintaining 225-250 degrees. I think I'm going to like this thing! I remember reading about some mods and I believe I will add more thermometers to monitor the temps better. Also, I whipped up a batch of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans and have them cooking in my old smoker! I have the Sirius Blue Grass playing and am having a smoking good time today!! More q-view to follow!


I see the jalepenos and the ribs in a rib rack, but what ya got there on the bottom??
(You'll have to excuse my ignorance, I am afterall a newbie).

All looks good to me. Are the gas smokers easier to work with and control temp., than the wood burners like mine?? Wal-Mart huh?? I have not seen a gas smoker at any of mine around me. That would be around my price range for buying another smoker too.
Below the ribs is the "skirt" meat that was trimmed off the ribs. It cooks up sooner than the ribs and makes a nice snack. I've not much experience with a wood smoker but I imagine it is a little easier to maintain a steady temp. I had to travel to the next county to get this one. I have 2 Wal-Mart's in my county and neither carries the GOSM. I believe you can order one on line and have it shipped to your local store.
Here is the final q-view of the ribs. I didn't apply any sauce but will serve it on the side. Over all, I'm very pleased with the first smoke in the new GOSM. Now I'm gonna have to name it

that there's some tasty grub. I'm gonna be going through Q withdrawls here in a bit. Gotta go take a ride on the USS Abe Lincoln to shoot missiles.
Congrats WV on the new smoker and the great first run... looks like some good eatin' there!
You've got a touch of Smokin Animal in ya. Congrats on the bigger model. If you want to name it you gotta get a group of people together during the smoke (from prep to finish) and have a great time (may take more than one application) eventually the name will come out and stick.
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