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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
After searching & searching I finally found tri-tip! Plan on getting it tomorrow, 40 miles away but need to look at a planter anyway, I guess :oops: Or is the reason to get tri tip, don't know. Can't wait to try it, he sells it in 18# bags. I've heard so much about this that it better be good, which I'm sure it will be (ANYTHING is). Not sure about how I'm gonna do it, but I have enough to try just about every way that has been thought of here.

Will ask questions later. So excited I had to let someone know that understood what I was talking about. (most everyone around here has never heard of tri-tip)

later AL
Nice score Al!! For those that don't know, there is a couple or three different muscle groups that make up the sirloin, the Tri-Tip is the smallest of the group and the average weight is 2 - 3 pounds each. Since there is only two per beef, most butcher shops don't bother with seperating out the tri-tip to sell them. Those that do, usually jack the price up higher than it ought to be. (Just my .02 worth) :P
I did not know that Dutch, thanks. I've heard so many good things about them that I had to try it out. Haven't gone to get them yet, in your opinion is it worth it? What do they charge in your area? I don't have a price on these yet, they come in an 18# bag and I told him I'd take a bag.
Big Al,

Smoking in FC here. 18# sounds like 6 - 9 of these bad boys! You should get a good price on that.

I buy a 2 pack at Sam's Club (choice) for $4.98 per lb. A few years ago (before they got popular) you could get them for about $2.50 per lb.

Enjoy, I think they are the most flavorful steak out there!
Al, I've seen the price run from about $4.50 a lb. to as much as $6.75 a lb. for the "Premimum" Angus beef.

With you buying in bulk you should get a nice price break.
$3.59/# I got a 16.21# bag. Looks to be 6 in the bag, smoking one now, right now at 110* internal. Plan on taking to 140* then wrap in foil to 160*(we like our meat done, no mooooo left).
$3.59/# I got a 16.21# bag. Looks to be 6 in the bag, smoking one now, right now at 110* internal. Plan on taking to 140* then wrap in foil to 160*(we like our meat done, no mooooo left). Then let sit for 30 min to get temp to 170 then slice. Never have had any beef below 160*. even ask for prime rib at restaurant to be well done. Don't like the pink...............won't eat the red.
Hey Big Al,
Please do let us know how your tri-tip comes out. I also have been very interested in trying one. I finally found one in a "Publix" grocery store near here. I bought it (at $5.99/lb.). I knew it was high but I do really want to try it. I froze mine until I get a chance to do it justice. So, I understand your curiousity/interest. Let us know how you prepared yours and how it came out.
I wish I had pics, everytime I ask wife/kids about camera its always somewhere else...........I'm beginning to think they lost it.

The tri-tip was great. Everything I've heard about them is correct. All I did was pull it out of the bag, put some rub on it and put it in the smoker. I'm still learning my digital thermo on this traeger so my temps were wild, anywhere from 200-275. I took it to about 140 then wrapped in foil and took off smoker at 159*. We like our meat med.well to well done. It was juicy, very good flavor, and next time I'll pull it off smoker at 150. This time there was no pink at all when I pulled at 159*.

My rub didn't help or hurt, I don't think. The taste was from the tri-tip. I had a nice 3/8 - 1/2" smoke ring, nice color all around. I sliced as thin as I could w/elec knife and poured the juice in the foil back over the slices. The true test(I believe) will be today after it has been cooled then reheated. Wife tried it also last night, she really liked it alot. Next big test is the kids.

So far I'd say #3 on my fav list behind prime rib and brisket.........but this one was alot easier and faster than brisket but not as tender. The way I did it the tritip could be cut w/fork but not real easy.

I'll let you know how breakfast goes, its on my menu this morning.
I'll do that Cheech, cause the tri tip was good this morning. Can cut with a fork, but a knife sure makes it easier. It isn't tough, just easier w/knife.

Anyone who hasn't had tri-tip, find some. It really is good. I was afraid that it would be as good as everyone has said.

If they can't get me the camera I'll try the cell phone and see if it will take a good pic. Never tried it before.
It does make the hunt for it worth it.

Back home in California Tri-Tip is everywhere. Here in Michigan the only place I have found it is at Costco. (Too bad it comes in such large quantities, I just have to make it all at once and still no leftovers)
Out here in Nevada, tri-tip is everywhere. Just about every big gathering there is tri-tip - went to three xmas parties, tri-tip at all - what a lucky bunch we are!

Just a note on how I cook it-

I like to make what is considered the Santa Maria style (that's where it all started, do a search and read the history). It's basically a rub of garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I like to add a bit of paprika for color.

Then I put it on the grill HOT HOT HOT and sear both sides as quick as possible with oak. Then put if off to the side and let it finish. We like our pink in the middle, so I usually remove it between 130 and 135, then be sure to let it sit 10 min. or so for the juices to collect.

Here is a LINK that talks about the Santa Monica Style BBQ using the tri-tip. There are a couple of other links that are worth reading. NOTE: the link for the LA Times 1988 article just takes you to todayâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s paper.
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