I found the Ultimate Spray

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Jul 16, 2006
NW Arkansas
At least what I think....a 3 to 1 mixture of Apple Juice and Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum...I got it on a meatloaf now...that I just pulled off the smoker...(my pork tenderloin roast is still in there)and sprayed well...I cut me a small piece from the end of the meatloaf and it is absolutely wonderful...I used Meowey's meatloaf receipe and this 3 to 1 mix for a spray...Then I added his glaze the last thirty minutes or so of the smoke....I am very happy with the results....

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did you spray the meat or your mouth?

good idea, you did prop your foot up on a bucket as you sprayed the meat, right?
You have my attention. What are the spices in that rum?? I know that rum is based on sugar cane, so that would carmelize well. I am curious as to what the spices are. I have always sprayed with a 3-1 mix of apple juice and bourbon with good results. New ideas are always of interest.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


No, I held the door with one hand and sprayed with the other...had to have both feet on the ground..hehe!! the spiced rum adds some great flavor...as you can imagine...or at least I like it...Hope you will give it a try for yourself... and maybe report back.
Hi Meowey, I have never like Jack Daniels...so I decided to use your spray method, except use Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum instead of Jack Daniels...Hope you will give it a try next time and report back...maybe I have contributed something to you.....Like you have to me, with your receipe...hehe!!! Not sure what they use to spice the rum...but do know you can add a little of it to Coke or Dr. Pepper and will really like it...very smooth... So I figured it has to be good used as a spray for smoking...I think it works great...and hope you do too!!!
yep sounds like a good idea , i myself have been wondering what green ginger wine would be like as a spray . i love that stuff , great winter drink when your out shooting at night like we do over here or fishing on a cold night.dont even know if you guys have green ginger wine over there.the one we have is STONE"S.rum goes good with a lot of cooking type things very good in fruit cake so why not as a baste.
That sounds right to me Teacup....I know it has done something to my meatloaf....I really like it anyway and hope others will give it a try...

Hi Mike, You are right...finished look was fantastic...and both taste great...
Probably my best smoke ever...and we always want to perfect what we are doing...

I don't particularly like to drink Jack either, but I love Wild Turkey! (I keep a bottle of Jack for my BBQ spray, however.)

All personal preference I guess. It's the differences that make life interesting!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Looks srumtious Swalker!!! Great idea with the spiced rum....I know I sure do like it in spiced cider in the winter months...looking foward to trying it in a spray.
Hope you are happy with it...all this stuff came from meowey's ideas and receipes...I am not a fan of jack, so decided to use my spiced rum instead in the 3 to 1 mixture for a spray...I am pleased with the bark and results....so just had to post it...hehe!!!

good luck with whatever you decide to use...

Teacup, it will be interesting to see what you think of this mixture used on Turkey....

Please post pictures and thoughts.......

i also will be giving this a try this weekend, i was going to try jack and applejuice but i think the captain sounds like the better idea! besides atleast if the smoke all goes to crap the captain and i will have a good time :)

will be trying this on 2 butts, 2 briskets and 5 chickens
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