i found smoking nirvana

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
i try to help & i am opinionated. i do have years & years of experience. i saw a sticker today that said "knowledge speaks- wisdom listens". i post a lot & got some rep power & have been inducted into the otbs ... but i now realize- the more i learn- the less i know (kinda like a.a.)i think for a while i will just give attaboys & not advise.....(hard as that is to do)to everyone i know here & to everyone i respect & to all the newbies(that may just be newbies by number of posts)cheers... i will still post pics of my cooks & support my brethren otbs members- but cooking is getting too damn scientific for me- i will cook & go by smell,taste, & just sitting by my pit.. if i gotta have a digital remote pager wake me up when the fire gets low- thats just not bbq. bbq is tending a pit w/ friends in the middle of day or night,telling stories of cooks past,childhood memories, & the kids running nuts w/ ghost stories or fireworks & lil' league jerseys....good food is a great thing but memories... well you know. i'm still here & still cooking. i just want to get back to the real spirit of the cook.
Hey Gypsy, new folks still need to learn and ask questions about proper 'Qing... if you have the answer, then don't hold back. Hell, everyone's got an opinion, that's part of the whole deal... taking all these opinions and information and creating your own version of good 'Q. You have posted some amazing stuff, don't stop helping others!

As far as digital gadgets... hey, some like 'em, some don't.
Hello sir, don't you be sorry about anything concerning rum. In Montana, I am sure that is against the law to operate any type of smoker with out the proper adult beverage in your hand or within a six foot area. I cannot imagine doing a smoke without Captain Morgan rum, diet cherry coke and a big slug of lemon juice. That, and a TV with an afternoon of Gunsmoke is what makes life worth liveing! Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful 4th. Terry
Love the Pink Floyd! I've seen the image on a T-shirt and always wanted one! Fine taste in music you must have!
I tend to agree....I prefer a simple look at the the dials and a quick sniff of the smoke to anything that will page or email me that the smoker needs me....
Well I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I am a big fan of my digital remote thermometer. It allowed me to get enough sleep when I did my pork butt to avoid driving into a tree the next morning when i needed to replenish my beer supply. To me the spirit of the Q is after the smoke, hanging out with family and friends enjoying the fruits of my labor and of course exhanging ideas and friendship with all the good people here.
well said ron, that was just my opinion for myself as i never used a temp gauge & i wasn't pleased w/ my last cook(it was fine & yummy & all) it just wasn't comfortable. plus the rum gods weren't w/ me.even in music,working on boats, or anything i've ever done- i've always gone by feel,instinct works best for me.thanx for the post. you do turn out some awesome Q too.
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