I finally got a WSM!!!

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Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
I finally got my new toy the Mrs. got me for Valentine's Day assembled. All of the good stories I had heard about these had kept me wanting one for quite a while now and I had never bit the bullet and got one. My wonderful little wife solved the problem for me a few days ago.

Here is my toy assembled and sitting in the living room floor waiting to do battle with the meat.
I am going to hunt around and do some mods before I get it all dirtied up, but I can hardly wait to try it out.

Good looking smoker there.. that is one model I do not have and I have a LOT of smokers!

Let me know how it does.. I have always heard great reviews on them.
Here's a question to all. Which is better? A Smokey Mountain, or a modified ECB? I'm now using a Weber Kettle (does a decent job), but looking for something that will hold the heat longer.
crewdawg52, while I have used an ECB I didn't know about the mods when I was so they were never done. I still have the old ECB and may try them and compare for fun. If the WSM does ½ the job everyone claims I think a WSM would win the contest hands down, but I haven't had the chance to fire it up yet. The other thing to consider is while the WSM is a superior piece of equipment it is 4-5 times the cost of the ECB as well.

I did get to the hardware store today and bought an ECB charcoal pan to replace the water pan in the new WSM. The stock water pan in the WSM is a joke. The Brinkmann charcoal pan is a drop in fit and doubles the water capacity. Anything you can do to minimize the time you have a door open or the lid off is plus in my book.
Congrats on your new WSM, I would definitely think about making a piedmont water pan...follow this link
You will be able to smoke with no water at all...one of the best improvements I've done for my WSM.
Also I change the door... put it upside down.
and added handles...this makes it a dream to move around...
Here is some inspiration for your first cook...
Great post royknives, I've been all over looking for an exact description of the Piedmont Pan Mod. I had been reading about it all over the place at TVWBB but hadn't found a post that described it that well yet. I had already decided I wasn't running water in the WSM. I bought a Brinkmann Charcoal Pan today and will go back for another and bolts tomorrow.

I also have turned my access door upside down and found that it is a much better fit and seals better that way so that was a go as well. I've been contemplating the handles and for sure like the idea and want to add them. My concern was with chipping the enamel while drilling the holes. It doesn't sound like this is an issue so I reckon I'll do that as well. Did you touch up the paint around the hole when you drilled for the handle mod?

Those ribs look awesome. That rib rack is a perfect fit and looks similiar to the Weber rib rack except in the photo it looks like beefier metal than the ones I was looking at today. Is that a Weber rack? If not, care to share what type it is?

Thanks for the WSM jump start!
You don't have to drill holes for the handles...you use the existing holes that hold your upper and lower grates, just take the top and bottom bolts out and put handle on...and repeat on the opposite side..

I bought these handles at home depot they fit perfectly no alteration needed..see pic

The Rib Rack was bought at William Sonoma In 2005 they were closing them out for $5.99....I don't know if they still make them...
Oh ya the other alteration I did to mine was adding the guru rivets...because I use a Nu-temp wireless thermometer...
That is slick. Some of the mods I saw drilled holes to attach the handles. I was a little concerned with drilling due to the porcelain-enameled finish maybe chipping. Nothing like chipping a big flake off of it before I even get it hot. I'm all over this though, next time you see me and my WSM you won't even recognize us.
I got busy today and got all this stuff took care of except for the BBQ Guru mounts for a probe. I'll probably do that eventually, but I have a couple alternatives for now.

Here is a pic of the Piedmont Pan Mod ready to go back in the WSM.

And a pic of the WSM with handles mounted. That is a well worthwhile must do IMO.

One last one is a close up of the handle mounted:

chad if you live close to gunslinger he will have you pulling around a full blown wood burner before to long.
One other thing...make sure you line your pan with Aluminum foil...for easy clean up... :) Again Congrats on your new WSM...I can't believe you finished all these mods soooooooo quickly.
Marvin, if Gunny has the time, money, and material I am ready and have the truck to pull it.

I forgot to put in the post I just hadn't foiled it yet. Anyone that wanted to make the Piedmont pan, you foil the top pan with a depression in the bowl part to catch the drippings. You want to wrap the foil around the top pan edge so as not to block airflow between the pans. Getting the mods done was no problem with links and experience provided. Thanks again for making it straightforward and simple.
I have been looking at the two links you provided to monitor temps. Which one do you prefer when cooking on the WSM. They both seem to have some merits. I am less than pleased with running probes out of the vent in the lid which I figured would be the case. I am having a hard time following how the rivets for the probes will work. Just thought I would see which method you found the most useful royknives.

I have plenty of remote thermos for the BBQ Guru rivet set-up, but that is a decent price for a Tel-Tru as well. I am kinda leaning towards the Tel-Tru and checking temps with my Thermapen as I near the finished stage. On my first cook I had 3 probes running out the top vent and it was a PITA.
I know I'm jumping in this discussion late but with my WSM I foung the BBQ Guru eyelets to be the most useful. First of all there was no drilling needed so no worries about chipping the WSM. Second you don't need to worry about moving the theremometer when you move the lid when you raise the lid.
I have the dual probe Maverick and I run one through the eyelet and clip it next to the food, it work's out really well.
Sorry I have two probes thru the eyelet, the other goes into the food. both fit well
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