I FINALLY found more Briskets!

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Nov 18, 2006
After searching (and drooling) for a month I finally found some briskets!

I bought 5 of the little buggers! Two will be smoked, pulled and delivered this weekend. One will brine for pastrami (no surprise there eh?) and two in reserve for all those days I've been drooling at everyones briskets and couldn't find any!

i wish i could get away with buying 5 briskets. my wife would kill me if i put 5 of them in the shopping cart. make sure you post some pics.
Speaking of briskets, I just finished putting a mustard slather and rub on a brisket that I'm going to smoke later this morning when the sun comes up.

Trying a combination of Montreal Steak seasoning and Mesquite chipotle powder. Going to smoke it with some pecan and a chunk of cherry (for Scott), I'll pull it off the smoker when it reaches 170* wrap it in foil and put it in the fridge. Sunday when I do my pork ribs, I'll put the brisket back in to finish off. To dang old and it's still chilly at night to be pulling an all nighter, besides Ma Dutch don't like sleeping alone when I'm home.
I like the sound of that combination of seasoning Dutch. Let us know how it comes out.

My Mom needed a new fridge, so I inherited her old one (still working just old). Now I am thinking about brining me some corned beef since I have a place to do it without taking up half the wifes fridge.
Sorry, a bit off topic here. Cajunsmoker, your home town just made my local news about a 200lb bear in a Monroe LA neighborhood tree, anywhere near you??
Yeah, it was right up the road a little ways. Couple of kids that live in the home where the bear was were charging $2.00 a head to come in the yard and look at the bear. It was just a little black bear who followed a bayou down from Arkansas and kind of got out of her territory. The dogs started barking at her and she hid out in a tree until the Game and Fish guys came and got her and took her home. We have a lot of black bears around here. This was where Teddy Roosevelt used to come Bear hunting during his administration. Some newspaper covered him holding a bear cub and that is where the "Teddy Bear" came from.
Chris -

Jessie wasn't REAL happy either but two are committed already. I have to bring one to work for lunch on Tuesday and the other to Easter dinner at my Aunts tomorrow - so that only leaves three for me to play with.

I have been banned from meat shopping though until we empty the freezers!
Dutch -

I never used Chipotle peppers are they hot? I saw some at WalMart last night dried up. Love that Motreal Steak seasoning though! Let us know how it works for you!
I agree with Dutch on pulling the all nighter brisket on a cold night.It takes a couple of days to recuperate. Tom Thumb had choice grade brisket on sale this week for .99 cents a pound.
Some very simple things that I take for granite. I always have access to briskets, a lot of them, a selection of quality and size, and depending on the store, a selection of price.
I'm not sure what happened Goat but I think they turned them all into corned beef for St Pattys day or something. All the fresh briskets just disappeared.
Debi, chipotles are ripe jalapenos that have been smoked and dried. The stuff that I used was smoked with Mesquite and ground into a powder. Saturday morning when I unwrapped that brisket, it smelled so fantastic that I was ready to take a bite out of it. That brisket had great flavor and had a nice kick to it without being overly spicy hot. I'll have to pull the pic off the camera and post them in another thread.
Chipotle peppers are smoked, dried jalepenoes. You can buy them in adobo sauce in cans. Or you could smoke dry your own if you have some red jalepenoes.

WOW! Goat AND Marvin for dinner! What an honor!

now I'm nervous .... hehehe


I have Jalepino Powder its that the same thing as Chipotols? Only my powder is green.
I saw some dry red ones at Wally World in the veggie section I'll try them next time I go.

Thanks Guys!
Debi, I've had goat, what does a marvin taste like???

Chipotle powder is made from ripe (red) jalapenos that have been smoked, dried and then crushed. Most of the Red jalapenos that I've seen have already been dried. You might be able to rehydrate them in some hot water, remove the excess water and then smoke 'em, dehydrate 'em and then crush 'em. But that's begining to sound like too much work.
I went to smart and final out here in cali and found some briskets.....12lbs and up! they had a good 4 or 5 of them but I left some for you and only took 1.
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