I am a sick individual

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Sep 16, 2006
Wife & I went to Wally-World today for groceries. Of course, while there, I had to go looking.......Guess what followed me home......

Now this adds to my other 6 smokers in my stable.

I am sick...But loving the Thin Blue Smoke..
I agree, you are a sick individual !!! I thought I was bad with 4 smokers..... last evening my wife and I went to Menards came home with another bbq grill and 5 more bags of woodchips. Woodchips were on sale for $1.44 a bag. If anyone has a Menards near them; hickory, mesquite, maple, apple and cherry were available at the store I was at.
As big a junkie as my wife is for anything kissed by the thin blue....there is absolutely no way she would let me drag another smoker home.

Nice catch cajun1.....
I forgot to mention the pecan chunks in my first post
. Need to do mods first. Where did you find them Gyspy ?
I'm not happy with using the factory temp gauge to cure this smoker. ( Middle of the Ideal range ), anyone know what that temp might be ? I would rather use my digital. Also: anyone know where to find some mods for this smoker ?
Congrats on your new addition Tim! Sick? Nahh, just a little demented!
Too funny!!! Your not sick.....just dedicated!!!!
You also must have a very understanding wife who you keep pleased with all kinds of smoked goodies on a constant basis
Congrat's on the new addition Tim,
very nice!

Go with your digital. See if it's easy enough to pull the thermo it came with and replace it with a readout one. Let us know.
The number of smokes one has is a relative thing. Besides, with all this crap about global warming, we all have to do our part!
So far..I read Jeff's report on this smoker. After some thought..I have made a baffle from the fire box to the meat chamber. Since I will never use it as a charcoal grill, I have turned the charcoal grate and plate upside down, hoping to use it as a tuning plate. I need to see if the charcoal basket I made for my Silver Smoker will fit inside this fire box. Since I haven't fired it yet, Jeff's report says it leaks smoke alot. I'll have to see. Haven't figured how to lower the chimney yet as with the warming rack in the way. Pics to follow.
No jealousy among my smokers..lol..they all get a turn. kees me up to date and on the ball. Think I'm gonna havta do the water pan thing.
Just put a water pan in..noticed left side is much hotter than the right side. See if this helps.
Let us know how the warming rack mod goes. Do you actually use your warming rack?
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