Hub City BBQ Cookoff

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    Well I can't say this is a sanctioned event, more a local shindig. My wife's hotel sponsered us for the event so we took on the hotel name. Seems to be the last several years that the big money donors have been the winners at the event but it is a great community event and I had a blast for the 30 plus hours that this event called for.
    80 plus teams had to cook for a minimum of feeding 50 people in addition to the turn in meat
    We cooked all three entries. Pulled pork for the "other" meat with SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce for the kicker. No call but had several people come back to the "tent" for 2nds, 3rds, and even 4ths.
    No call on ribs, gotta pin down what is missing, we cooked one rack of spares for turn in and six racks of BB's for the public.
    Brisket was the same as always but again no call to the winners circle. Also had several folks return to our "tent" for brisket even after we ran out, but judges didn't show us any love.
    This is a great community event and the following links are to my slideshow and some local coverage by news agencies.
    Had a blast and learned alot.
    Hope you enjoy the pics. Cookoff/?action=view&current=ac61cfbc.pbw

    Hope ya'll enjoy
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    wow law looks great better luck next year bud.[​IMG]

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