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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smokinjory, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. OK,
    I've got a Char-Broil offset firebox smoker, the small one. I've used it once for "country style" ribs. There was a LOT of fat/juice runoff. I used a drip can, and it was overflowing before I was done.
    My question is, even when all was done, there was a lot of fat/juice left in the bottom of the smoke chamber. Should I leave that for more "seasoning" or hose it out so I don't risk mold or bacteria?
  2. Not sure if its right or not but I have leftover lighter fluid ( I know better than to use it now) and I have squirted some in the smoke box and let it burn off. I have the old style New Braunfels Bandera cooker. I figured it's about like reseasoning it all over again. I light it, let it burn then scrape it with an old grill brush. It's alot easier to scrape when it's crispy than when it's gooey.Plus it gives you something to do while the fires getting right. Just an idea...[​IMG]
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    I have had puddles in my offset after a Q ... I just mopped it up with paper towels. For seasoning ... if in doubt re-season.

    Should never use lighter fluid any where near your smoker or charcoal, use newspaper or electric starter. Lighter fluids impart a smell that just doesn't go away!
  4. It's an upright smoker like the Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe. So it's just a burn off not a cooking.
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    I just wipe the residue with a paper towel as best I can.
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    Yeah, I just paper towel it also... no chemicals.
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