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ham's on fire

Original poster
Just a quick hello from another new member/lurker. I choose the name in honor of our first BBQ'd Ham attempt :oops: on Easter Day with all the family, some 18+ years ago. Oh, I failed to mention this was also the first year of wedded bliss with the love of my life. Since that fateful day we've graduated from wood filled coffee cans on the propane grill to the Litt'l Chief, to a couple of shared offset contraptions and finally to the GOSM. I've smoked various meats from a lot of different critters both big game and waterfowl with varied results. But, I'm here to tell you, I've learned more in a month of lurking on this forum then I ever hoped to learn in my previous years of trial and error. (That smoked peach cobbler is incredible). Looking forward to the future of sharing and a ton of smoking together.

Ham, welcome to the Smoking Meat Forums. It's amazing what folks can learn here just by reading the different topics!! :D However, on the off chance that you have a question or two that you haven't found an answer for, just let us know and will be glad to give you an answer. Once again, welcome to SMF and the family.
Welcome Ham. It sounds like you have had many smoking adventures. I look forward to hearing your experiences both old and new. So don't be a stranger and we look forward to hearing from you in other posts.
welcome Ham. I'm sure that we could all tell of huge failures and dissasters on the grill or smoker. But these are part of the learning process arn't they.
Again welcome and smoke em if ya got em.
Hey folks, Thank you for the warm welcome. This is a great forum with some of the best attitudes I've seen on the net. I hope to be a contributor as well as a benefactor to the wealth of knowlege available from this group. Now if I can get this picture posting figured out, I hope to have some pictures of a couple of maple and ginger glazed chickens this coming weekend! :)

Greetings Ham.

We have similar roots.... I started out about 18-19 years ago on a Mr. Meat Smoker (grandfather to the ECB) with 2 hams and some green mesquite. :oops: Ended up with a couple of black meteors that were fall apart tender but I wasn't sure if they were done so I stuck them in the oven and cooked 'em some more. :lol: Learned a lot since then. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.