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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
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Apr 23, 2007
Just south of Hotlanta
Just registered and thought I had better introduce myself!

Zapper is the handle that I use at a few other forums so I thought I had better stick with it. Found this place the other day and thought that I may stick around and try to learn a few things. This place has two things that appeal to me and most other folks it looks like, Food and Fire!

I am on my second Brinkman electric Gourmet Smoker (leave 'em out in the rain and they rust out in five or six years) I have had a couple of other charcoal smokers in the past too but wouldn't even try to guess what they were (My mind ain't what it used to be). At any rate I started playing with fire at a young age and started eating even earlier. Scouting introduced me to outdoor cooking and my appitite has kept me coming back for more.

I am gonna sniff around a little more, this is a good looking site with lots of infromation to take in. I am kicking around the idea of building a Smoker with all of the bells and whistles, so I'll be looking for ideas. I am hoping to design something that could be multi fueled or at least easily convertable, slightly more rugged than stamped tin and cheaper than stainless (unless I hit the lottery) I do like stainless but just don't have what it takes to work it easily. Bigger than a bread box, but smaller than a refridgerator (OK, maybe only slightly smaller) I am thinking vertical, but could be swayed. Everything from fully auto to fully manual and everything in between. And I am not too proud to just go and buy a store bought model if I find the perfect animal!

See ya round
Welcome Zapper. Glad to have you. I hope you will feel free to share your smoking adventures. Also, don't be afraid to take knowledge with you or ask question. This forum has many friendly and capable folks.
Welcome Zapper! Share what you know, don't be afraid to ask about what you don't know. Keep us up on your smoking adventures.
And take pictures. We like porn.
Welcome to SMF zapper. Glad to have you aboard and looking forward to seeing your posts.

Keep Smokin
Welcome to SMF. Glad you decided to stop by. The folks here are mighty friendly. Enjoy!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Nice to have you join us Zapper. That ol' ECB has gotten a number of us hooked on this art of smoking foods.

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