Howdy from the Missouri Ozarks

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My name is Tom and I'm 40 years old. I am married to a gorgeous woman and have 3 beautiful kids. An 11 y/o boy, a 7 y/o girl and a 4 y/o girl. I was born in Virginia, grew up mostly in Iowa and now live 3 miles north east of Fordland in Missouri on a small acreage. That's about 22 miles east of Springfield.
For the last 11 years I have worked as a concrete mixer truck driver. I am a Teamster and also shop steward at our concrete plant. Other than my family and obeying the gospel a year and a half ago, I really have no big accomplishments to report. Although I did come in third in a truck rodeo a few weeks ago. I have some college, but not enough to mean anything. I also sell firearms and outdoors gear on the side. I have way to many interests to list. But one thing I really like to do is cook and EAT! I mean not just any food, great food.
My smoker is a 150 gallon water tank from a mixer truck. I cut off about 18 inches of one end, capped both cut ends, dropped the small one down for a fire box and cut a door in it, and 2 doors in the main part of the smoker. I set oven racks in the smoker and have a pipe for a vent. Right now though, I am in the process of upgrading some things. Better hinges, slide out racks, better ventilation, wheels and a tongue. So I am without a smoker until I get everything done. When this is done, I am planning to build the "mother of all smokers."
I'm here to learn some new techniques and recipes and hopefully capitalize on some your experience. Hope I don't get to hungry though. Being without my smoker is killing me.
Welcome aboard, thanks for the profile.

I bet that you could find a way to convert your mixer truck into a smoker why stop with the water tank?

Then there would be a smoker large enough to invite the whole forum over for a Q-party

That sounds like quite a rig. The folks here are friendly and will answer any questions you might have.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Welcome aboard Gunslinger! You have certainly come to the right place if you are lookin to red up some good grub. These folks here are good at smokinâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji] and have alot of knowledge to share with any and all who wish to learn. Our forum covers all types of topics from rubs to equipment, and more. When you get a chance check out Jeffâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s Smoking Basics eCourse so you can get down to fixin some fine Q for that wonderful family of yours. I think you will find your time spent here to be lots of fun
yo gunslinger dude,

im glad to meet you.

the state of missouri is well represented on this forum.

the state of bar be que is in everyones heart and mind.

the only problem i see with bbq statehood is we
probably wont agree on which hardwood
should be the state tree.

150 gallon "water" smoker---way cool.
Welcome to SMF Gunslinger!!!

Im up here around Truman Lake area about 1/2 way between you and KC. You get to much of a hankerin for Q just head on up and we'll take care of ya. I'd be glad to feed a brother Teamster and a brother in smoke.

I spent alot of time raising cain in and around Fordland, Republic, and Crane area years ago. Different time and a different man, but man it was fun at the time. Big muddy trucks and beer filled alot of time. 8) You guys got alot of beautiful country down there, I love them 'ol hills. Anyway, welcome to the forums.
Welcome to SMF, Tom. Your smoker sounds like quite the project. We would love to see photos of your smoker, even if it's a work in progress. Since I'm smoking tomorrow, I'll drift some smoke your way. :mrgreen:

Looking forward to your posting and participation here at SMF.

Welcome Tom. Sounds like you're working on quite a rig. I also would love to see it if you have the means. Hope you can get it all back together soon so that you can share some smoke with us all. Enjoy!
Thanks everyone. That's the warmest welcome I've ever had on one of these boards. I think I'll like it here.
Hey Chad, I'll be up there on Friday :lol: :lol:
Actually I'll go right through there on my way to Iowa. I get up there 2 or 3 times a year. This time I'm going up to get a new loader for my old 53 Ford NAA tractor.
As for the smoker, I'll do some work on it next weekend, at which time I'll snap a few pics of it and post em.
Make it Saturday and we'll eat brisket. Friday it's just gonna be left over ribs and the wife for entertainment because I'll be in Minnesota. :(

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