Howdy from Tampa!

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jun 3, 2007
Tampa, FL
[wipes feet as he enters]

At the behest of DeejayDebi I thought I'd drop in and say "HI". Just joined the forums a couple of weeks ago, and this is a GREAT resource!

A little background - I've been grilling stuff forever, but have always been a fryer kind of guy. Recently I got interested in making pulled pork and as such ended up realizing that I really needed a smoker to do things right. When I found out what all ELSE I could do with a smoker, I was sold.

So, currently, I've had my BBQ Grillware Vertical Smoker (from Lowes) for about 4 weeks, and have gone around the table about 1 and a half times - I've done two pork loins, two chickens, and then one boston butt. I'm quickly getting the hang of it, but I'm a tinkerer at heart, so I'm always looking for improvement.

In real life, I'm a telecom engineer and design large networks for our various customers. It's a lot like BBQing, really - if you do things quickly or use too many shortcuts it almost never comes out right... but if you take your time and do your homework, you can make a LOT of people happy.

Keep me in mind if anyone has any frying questions

So anyway, (as they say in Hee Haw) you guys get a big ol' salute from Tampa, FL, population 326,593!

Welcome to SMF from the 'Great White North' ! ... you sound like our kind of people ....

A treasure trove of information here ... enjoy!

... and if I have any question about 'fryin' you'll be hearing from me!

Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard! This is the place to learn the basics and the tricks that everyone has discovered. Looking forward to hear about your adventures in smoking. And yes, we like pics.
Welcome D -

You are gonna fit in well here. We're almost all tinkers here. You'll find several people here with the Grillware smoker so you might give each other helpful hints as to some of the idiosyncrasies of the beast.

It help us help you when we know what your smoking on. Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.

I did a quick check on your website - looks interesting I will have to pop back in later!
Nice to see you on the forum. I look forward to you becoming a regular, sharing your adventures, asking questions, and just plain getting to know some mighty friendly folks.
Welcome to SMF, a lot of great people, food and info here. Enjoy your stay.
Welcome devolutionist! You have joined a group of hopelessly addicted, smokin', tinkerin' folks who have the best knowledge base on the net!

Have fun and don't forget, we like pictures!
...Right back at'cha Devolutionist from your next door neighbor up here in GA.

Welcome aboard the SMF!...Glad to have you with us!...

Check out Jeff's Free 5 Day eCourse!...It'll help you learn all about smoking...

And...The price is right to boot!...

Got questions?... Just ask!...There's an Endless supply of answers here...and plenty of Great Folks to provide them!

Again...Welcome aboard!...And remember...

The number to call is BR-549!...
Devo... can i call u that??? anyways.. im up north in Jacksonville.. In the same boat as u, just startin to smoke. I was wondering what the weather was like for you down there? We been gettin a ton of rain up here the past few days.. Anyways, just wanted to warn you, i have been grillin for years as well, but its nothing compared to smokin'. Suggest you find some way to make a few extra bucks, cuz ur gunna wanna spend any extrra cash on things to smoke... At least thats my experience. The best advice i can give you is dont be afraid to try anything. I jumped into the forums and the smokin world head first, and im glad i did. Im hooked, and im sure u will be too. Best of luck
"Devo" is perfectly acceptable and a heck of a lot easier to type

We've been getting a *little* rain down here lately but not enough that's for dang sure - VERY dry in Tampa right now - all of Florida for that matter... water table is extremely low. We've got a place on a lake up in N. Florida just north of Panama City and it's about a 200 acre lake that's fed by 3 springs - and it's down THIRTY FEET right now. Scary.

And you know, the thing about not being afraid to try stuff - that's definitely one of my hang-ups. The first time I used my new smoker I had two chickens and two pork tenderloins going at once - and it was for a party we were having to boot... needless to say, I was REALLY scared that it was going to turn out like crap and that I was going to waste a lot of expensive meat and be the goat of the party... luckily I did my homework and came out as the hero instead, but I was SO nervous that I was afraid to even have a beer that day... I've been a lot more relaxed since that little confidence building exercise, and me and beer and the smoker are all best friends now.
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