Howdy All and Greatings from Wisconsin

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Original poster
Dec 20, 2006
Northern Wisconsin
Hello everyone and I am glad to be making my first post.

I have been a list subscriber (and lurker for a very long time) and figured it was time to come out, lol.

First let me say I have gleaned a lot of info off of the newsletters and thank everyone for that. So a bit about myself...

I am retired (retarded?) restuarant owner. I was in the business for 'bout 16 years but never did much with smoking meats. I gave up the biz due to a few medical conditions but never gave up my passion for cooking. Somehow I became addicted to outdoor cooking and really just progressed to smoking. Now I will say I've done a bit of smoking over the last 7-8 years but in my mind I am still a newbie. I've smoked Pork Butts, Pork Shoulders, Beef Rounds, Pork & Beef Ribs, Venison and Turkeys (this year got a wild turkey during hunting and smoked that after brining it, wasn't all that bad). But I know I will never ever learn it all. Just hopefully smoke up something that will make my people go mmm.... (with sauce dripping down theirs chins).

I've had pretty good luck using a Brinkman Pitmaster. I am in the process of converting an old 300 gallon fuel tank into a pig roaster on wheels and will appreciate anyone's input on what worked for them and what DIDN'T work. I'd like to be able to smoke whole hogs and am now just researching as much as I can. I thought this would be as good of a time to come out and ask a few questions, get a few answers and maybe even contribute a bit.

So Happy Holidays everyone and keep your charcoal dry.

Welcome to the forums Davylee! I also use a pitmaster. I still need to tune it, but it will do what I want if I pay enough attention to it!

There are lots of guys making smokers out of drums like you are doing. You should be able to find pictures and plans if you look hard enough.
Thanks for the reply Pyre.

Does your Pitmaster have the side firebox also? And did you season your main chamber when you first got it? I read somewhere about using food grade mineral oil so I wiped down the inside of mine several times before firing it up.

What did you mean you still had to tune it?

Hmm, mine doesn't play any music, I've got mine to do a lot of things but if it makes music heck I don't care if it's out of tune or not just to be the first on my block with a musical smoker would be awesome <g>.

BTW Pitmasters rock.

Hehe, yeah I wiped down everything with vegetable oil when I first got it. Yep, it has the round side firebox.

As for tuning, I need to get some tuning plates so I can channel the heat from the firebox farther into the cooking chamber, and hopefully even out the temperature from one end to the other.
Welcome,this is a very good resource.I am from Montello,Wi.I have learned an awful lot from the folks here.I used to smoke just salmon but now I do a lot of Butts and Birds and one of these days I will brave a brisket.Its a great community here just ask and there is a bunch of good advice.
Glad to have you with us Davy!! Looking forward to seeing your posts in the forums!

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