Howdie From BBQ Capital

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Original poster
Jun 23, 2007
Hello all fellow BBQ'ers. We compete in MIM circuit events and just plain love to smoke and BBQ. I hope to learn and contribute as much as possible. A bad day at the smoker, is better than a good day at work
Welcome aboard. Great looking rig and a real nice one your looking in to. Watch out though, if you're not careful you might get serious about this bbq thing. Truly looking forward to tapping into your knowledge and experience.
Welcome to SMF! That's one helluva rig you've got there! Looking forward to your posts!
Welcome to SMF bbqMemphis!!! I saw thought BBQ Capitol and was expecting you to be from KC.
Just kidding, can't wait to see some pics as well as hear some stories from the comp. trenches. Enjoy the forums. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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