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How was your T'Day?


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ours was the way I wanted it totally uneventfull!! Just me and Hubby chillin'...maybe next year I'll have something exciting to write about. Hope everyones day was what they wanted (or needed in my case!!)


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Very nice! My Cowboys won and I'm a large stuffed mammal and nothing caught on fire!

mr mac

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Today was a pretty good one here at the church! We expected 11 or so and wound up with 24! We all had a great day watching football, playing with the Wii, cooking/smoking, eating and koinonia! While I naturally would have preferred to be with the wife and kids today, this was the next best thing!

Thank you Lampman Road Baptist Church family!



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Same here Lisa. We haven't eatin yet but the usual here without family besides Carol and our buddies Jackpot and Luckie.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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I had an amazing Chinese stir fry with smoked Chicken in it. There's just the two of us so a Turkey would have been overkill.

I'm still above ground, got my dogs and a great wife.
We're both finally over the flu and feeling in the pink.

What could be better?

PS after all these years of making stew out of my stir frys by using too low of a temp for the oil and putting too much in the wok all at once I have finally mastered the art of stir frying. Took me forever to learn but viola .... there it is tah dah.


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It was almost 11 years since it's been just the two of us and it was very nice to just lay around and do what ever we wanted to. All the cooking was done and served for others and work fellows so we just had what we always want Peace Quit and Seafood. and that we did watched the parade of all parades and some football and then cooking.

Life Was Good at The Ballinger Household Today


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We had a very nice Thanksgiving Day, Lisa, and thanks for asking! Hope you did too, and all yours are doing well.

Had the usual traditional oven-roasted turkey and all the trimmings, watched the Detroit Lions lose as always and enjoyed a quiet private afternoon.

As we do since we dated, we pick an old-time comedy and watch it on our holiday-day-off. Today it is THE PARTY with Peter Sellers; and a hilarious movie we both think is great. Love the beginning scene when Sellers as "Gunga Din" refuses to die!

Birdie num-num......

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